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Ferry firm asks police to investigate furniture tossing incident

Additionally, new information may lead Tallink Silja to hand the group of passengers another extra bill.

Talinkin Baltic Princess saapumassa Turkuun, kuvattu Ruissalosta.
The decision to ask police to investigate was made by the ferry's captain. Image: Minna Rosvall / Yle
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Baltic ferry firm Tallink Silja has asked for police to investigate an incident of property damage, related to an incident that was filmed and shared on social media which showed a man throwing furniture into the sea.

The video was filmed on Tallink Silja's M/S Baltic Princess ferry about a week ago.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the ferry firm had since banned the passengers involved in the incident and was passing a 1,000 euro bill for the damage caused.

Since then, the firm continued to examine the course of events and, based on new information that uncovered, then decided to ask police to investigate, according to communications chief Marika Nöjd.

The decision to ask police to investigate was made by the ferry's captain.

Tallink Silja did not disclose the nature of the new information, as the matter is still under investigation.

However, Nöjd noted that the new information may result in the firm handing another bill to the group.

She characterised the incident as very outrageous and unprecedented.

While there have been outrageous situations aboard the firm's ships in the past, Nöjd said they were mainly related to passengers tossing a vessel's safety equipment into the sea.

In addition to the tossed furniture, there was also a report of someone having urinated on a sauna stove in the ferry's spa.

Media outlets have identified the group as being, at least partly, from a Pirkanmaa region-based construction company, and that the man seen throwing the furniture is the firm's managing director.

He told an Yle online programme, Valavuori Live, that he had been drinking for 12 hours and had "all sorts of notions," saying that he uploaded the video to TikTok.

The incident also prompted the man to pledge that the company he leads would make a donation to a charity that protects the Baltic Sea.

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