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People in Finland send 14 million cards, 7 million parcels this Christmas

This year's figures are a significant drop on Christmases past, when over 50 million cards were sent.

Erilaisia joulukortteja. Päällimmäisessä eläimet laskevat mäkeä kelkalla.
File photo. Image: Roger Källman / Yle
Yle News

Finland's national mail carrier Posti delivered 14 million Christmas cards this year.

“Many have again decided to spread joy with a traditional Christmas card. According to our survey, Christmas cards are the most popular type of Christmas greeting, and recipients keep the cards for a long time,” Sami Määttä of Posti said in a press release.

This figure is however significantly down on Christmases past, as 29 million Christmas cards were sent in 2016. In the early years of this century, people in Finland regularly sent over 50 million cards every Christmas.

The habit of sending Christmas cards has been falling steadily over the past decade, but underwent a revival of sorts during the Covid pandemic as 18 million cards were sent in 2020 and 16 million last year.

In a press release, Posti added that 7 million parcels were delivered this Christmas.

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