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President: Finland could send tanks to Ukraine under certain circumstances

Last week interim defence minister Mikko Savola suggested Finland is considering sending Leopard 2 tanks to the war-torn country.

Leopard 2A6-mallin taistelupanssarivaunu odottaa lumisella tiellä käyttöönottoa.
File photo of a Leopard 2A6 battle tank. Image: Pasi Peiponen / Yle

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö said on Thursday that Finland could send Leopard 2 tanks as part of further military aid to Ukraine under certain circumstances.

Niinistö told news agency STT that defence aid package contributions from Finland would also be needed in the case that a European joint aid effort for Ukraine is established.

However, the president also noted that, in his opinion, the number of tanks the country could send would be limited, due to Finland sharing a border with Russia and not yet being a member of Nato.

Last week Finland's interim Minister of Defence Mikko Savola (Cen) told commercial news outlet MTV that Finland was considering sending tanks to Ukraine.

He made the comments last Friday, the day before announcing that Finland was preparing its 12th military aid package for Ukraine.

Savola is standing in for his Centre Party colleague Antti Kaikkonen, who is on a two-month paternity leave until the beginning of March.

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