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Energy Authority: Electricity prices rose 142% in 2022

Finland is paying more for electricity, but consumption has declined.

Sähkölinjoja auringonlaskun aikaan. Linnut lentelevät taivaalla
Image: Vaasan Sähkö Oy
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The total price paid for electricity more than doubled in 2022, according to new figures from the Energy Authority.

Prices rose all over Europe, according to the authority, and in Finland the increase for domestic customers was 142 percent on average.

The total price of electricity, including taxes and transmission as well as the power itself, rose some 53 percent last year.

There is however wide variation in prices paid by consumers, depending on the contract they have agreed with their provider.

Consumption dropped considerably in 2022, which helped compensate for the drop in imports. Finland decided to stop paying Russia for electricity after the assault on Ukraine began in February.

A coordinated publicity campaign to reduce consumption produced reductions of seven percent in September, rising to 10 percent in December, compared to the previous year.

The goal of the campaign is to achieve a long-term reduction in electricity consumption, and thereby flatten the peaks in spot prices seen when demand is high and weather conditions unfavourable to wind turbine generation.

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