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Police close probe as suspected Posti parcel theft remains a mystery

A temporary package pick-up point, set up ahead of the Christmas rush in Tampere, was allegedly broken into in early December.

Häkkikärryissä on paljon postipaketteja.
Posti set up 33 pop-up service points ahead of the Christmas holiday. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle
Yle News

Police have suspended a preliminary investigation and say they do not know what happened to 156 parcels that authorities suspect were stolen from a Posti pop-up package pick-up centre in Tampere.

A temporary delivery point, set up ahead of the Christmas rush, was allegedly broken into in early December.

Chief inspector Tommi Juvonen told Yle on Wednesday that a probe into the case had been closed.

The preliminary investigation did not lead police to suspects, and authorities did not receive any tips from members of the public, Juvonen explained.

It was previously reported that Posti knew the exact number of parcels that went missing because they were all labelled and registered in Posti's database.

The contents of the packages were not known, but such information would not necessarily have helped the investigation, according to Juvonen.

The suspected burglary took place at Posti's pop-up service point in the Leinola district, in eastern Tampere.

Posti employees reported the incident after arriving at work on the morning of Monday, 5 December.

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