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Finland re-takes world ice carousel record

The world's largest rotating ice carousel has a diametre of 516 metres and can carry 100,000 people.

Lappajärven jääkaruselli, maailmanennätys
The carousel is located in Lappajärvi, Southern Ostrobothnia. Image: Janne Käpylehto
Yle News

Finland re-took the world ice carousel record from the United States on Monday, when Janne Käpylehto's latest creation in southwestern Finland's Lappajärvi was recognised as the biggest ever rotating ice circle.

Käpylehto's carousel measures 516 metres in diameter, 42 centimeters in thickness and is estimated to weigh some 78,000 tonnes. The rotating ice circle can carry some 100,000 people, making it the world's biggest.

The previous record was held by Chuck Zwilling's carousel in Little Falls, Minnesota, which measured at 405 metres in diameter. The US ice carousel enthusiast and his team arrived in Finland to help Käpylehto with his latest creation.

Machine breakdowns and sawing errors in late January delayed the opening of the carousel, but Käpylehto and his team resumed construction in secret before finally giving the carousel its first spin on 6 February.

"We wanted to keep this secret for two reasons; working in peace and the surprise element," Käpylehto said.

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