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Helsinki Airport to toss out travel-sized bottle requirements by summer

New security screening equipment will allow travellers to keep liquids and electronics in their carry-on luggage when departing from Helsinki Airport.

Terminal på Helsingfors-Vanda flygplats
The change in security systems will allow passengers to travel without removing liquids and electronics from their carry-on luggage. Image: Anna Hedström / Yle
Yle News

Security checks for air passengers at Helsinki Airport will be easier this summer, according to national airport operator Finavia.

"A year ago we introduced advanced security screening technology at Helsinki Airport, which means passengers no longer need to remove liquids or electronic devices from their carry-on luggage. The change has sped up security checks," Finavia's Vice President of Security Ari Kumara said in a press release issued on Tuesday.

The security change will also allow normal-sized cosmetics-and drinks bottles to be taken on board in hand luggage, among other items. Kumara said the practice should be fully in place by this summer.

"We are pioneers in the development of security checks, because the corresponding new technology is currently only in use at very few large European airports and some airports in the United States," Kumara said.

The security change will only apply to passengers departing from Helsinki. Travellers departing from Finavia's regional airports and passengers arriving to Helsinki from outside the EU for a layover flight to a destination also outside the EU will continue to be subject to the same liquid regulations.

Finavia still advised passengers to continue following current luggage regulations until the summer.

The operator completed an extensive renovation on Helsinki Airport this year.

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