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"Spring in the air" on Sunday, says Yle meteorologist

Saturday will be another story, however, with snow and rain expected before Sunday's clearer skies.

A low pressure system will cross over the country, bringing snow to northern areas and rain to the south.
Yle News

A low pressure system will approach Finland from the west, bringing snow and rain on Saturday, but after that the weekend's weather will improve, according to Yle's weather forecast.

The precipitation system will move across Finland, bringing snow to central and northern areas. The heaviest snowfall is expected in North Karelia and North Ostrobothnia as well as further north.

Some areas could see up to 15 cm of fresh snowfall.

Meanwhile, in southern areas, the precipitation will come in the form of rain.

The rain and snow will subside over the course of Saturday night, and conditions are expected to improve on Sunday. However, the snow and rain may make road conditions slippery on Sunday morning.

"Sunday will be sunny with a feeling of spring in the air," said Yle meteorologist Elias Paakkanen.

Sunday's daytime high temperatures are expected to reach five degrees Celsius in many areas of the country.

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