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HS: Police TV series to be discontinued

The National Police Board has decided to end the popular TV series, Helsingin Sanomat reports, following a ruling by the Parliamentary Ombudsman last year into how the programme is made.

Kaksi poliisia, toisella aurinkolasit ja toisella lippis.
The series was first broadcast in 2009. Image: Nelonen Media
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The popular Poliisit (Police) TV series will no longer be produced following a decision by the National Police Board, Helsingin Sanomat has reported.

The board's decision was influenced by a ruling from Parliamentary Ombudsman Petri Jääskeläinen, which followed a complaint about how the series is produced. In his ruling, Jääskeläinen said that the way the series is made is highly problematic, as the programme makers may have access to confidential information about people targeted by police activities.

The ruling noted that confidential information must not be disclosed to third parties.

In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, the Deputy Communications Director of the Police Board, Eriikka Koistinen, said that it is no longer practical to continue the series.

"The Parliamentary Ombudsman set clear boundary conditions for the programme, which do not allow the continuation of the series without significantly changing the programme format and production method," Koistinen said.

Poliisit series is a documentary series produced by Aito Media, and broadcast on the Nelonen channel.

The programme was first produced in 2009 and has been very popular since its inception.

The series has even been credited with contributing to increased interest in police training.

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