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Avi: No laws broken by daycare teachers harnessing kids to chairs

The controversy stems from photos showing children harnessed to chairs at a daycare centre in Kajaani.

LÄÄNINHALLITUS-TALO nimikyltti talon seinässä puuoven vieressä.
The Regional State Administrative Agency (Avi) of Northern Finland's headquarters. Image: Risto Degerman / Yle
Yle News

The Regional State Administrative Agency (Avi) of Northern Finland has said that a daycare centre in kajaani did not break the law by harnessing children to chairs.

In November, the agency requested a report from Kajaani's early years education provider in order to investigate concerns raised in an Yle report about violations of early childhood education regulations. The article had reported that children were being restrained in seats with harnesses at a daycare centre in Kajaani.

According to the Administrative Agency, Kajaani's early childhood education has aimed to provide a safe environment, and measures have been taken in the best interests of the child. The Agency found no evidence that the children's movement had been restricted against their best interests or in violation of the law.

The Administrative Agency stated that the matter did not require further action by the Agency.

The decision by the Northern Finnish Administrative Agency also noted that the children's guardians had been informed of the use of safety harnesses.

Mika Tiihonen, Kajaani's director of early childhood education, said he was pleased that the widely publicised issue had been thoroughly addressed. According to Tiihonen, Kajaani's early childhood education engages in open discussions about operational principles, with a focus on child participation and well-being.

"If there is something that concerns a parent about their child's affairs or the daycare's activities, we ask that they contact their daycare director very easily," Tiihonen said in a statement from the city.

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