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Lapland's Kittilä freezes with Finland's coldest temperature of the year

The thermometer at the Kittilä airport showed a bone-chilling -37.5 degrees Celsius on Friday morning.

Kittilän lentokentän sisäänkäynti.
Meteorologists measured this year's cold record just before 3am. Image: Finavia / Rami Salle
Yle News

Even as springtime approaches, the temperature at western Lapland's Kittilä airport plunged as low as -37.5 degrees Celsius in the early hours of Friday, making it Finland's coldest temperature reading during the winter season in 2023.

The year's previous record, -35.0 degrees Celsius, was recorded on 6 March at the Kevojärvi weather station in Utsjoki, in northern Finnish Lapland.

Other areas in the region also saw very low temperature readings on Friday, including -36.7 C in Savukoski and -35.2 C in Enontekiö airport.

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Edited at 10:28 for clarity.

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