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Lost seal pup wanders into garden

The young seal was stranded some 1.5 kilometres away from its home, according to rescue services.

Norppakuvaaja Juha Taskinen ja hyljetutkija Mervi Kunnasranta matkasivat maan sulkemien hylkeiden luo selvittääkseen mitä niille kuuluu.
The Rescue Services of Oulu-Koillismaa received an alert about a baby seal that had lost its way just before 8 am on Friday morning. Photo unrelated to the story Image: Mervi Kunnasranta
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Rescue services released a stranded seal pup back to the sea, after receiving a call about the animal having somehow found itself in a residential garden near Oulu, on Friday morning.

The pup had made a long trip far away from its natural habitat, some 1.5 kilometres, to a village in the northwestern municipality of Pyhäjoki.

The Rescue Services of Oulu-Koillismaa team found the pup in good health, which made it possible to rewild the animal on the same day.

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The pup quickly climbed back onto the ice after being released into the sea.

Missions of this nature are not rare during springtime, according to one of the department's firefighters Joona Meriläinen.

"This is a common task, especially near coastal areas during springtime, when weaned pups decide to go on an adventure. I've heard that this is quite common," he said.

A total of three pups have been returned into the sea in the last 24 hours from different locations along the coast, according to a statement by the rescue department.

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