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More than one million votes cast in advance so far, exceeding 2019 pace

Early voting for the parliamentary elections has been livelier than four years ago.

Heidi Warro tulee sinisen kirjastoauton portaita alas. Auton kyljessä on piirroskuva kirjastoautosta.
Heidi Warro voted in advance on a bookmobile in Loppi, Kanta-Häme. Image: Tiina Kokko / Yle
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Early voting continued to be brisk on Sunday, the fifth day of advance balloting for the 200 seats in Finland's next Parliament. The one millionth was cast around 3 pm.

As of 6pm, 24.4 percent of eligible voters living in Finland had cast ballots, according to the Justice Ministry's election website, with some 1,043,000 people dropping their envelopes into the slot.

That compares to 22 percent by the end of early voting on the corresponding Sunday four years ago.

The number of people entitled to vote has increased by almost 27,000 since then.

In the previous parliamentary elections in 2019, just over half of all votes were cast in advance. That represented about 36 percent of eligible voters living in Finland.

So far, the most active early voting has been in the constituencies of Pirkanmaa (27.9 percent) and Satakunta (27.6 percent). The lowest turnouts have been in the autonomous Åland islands (12.6 percent) as well as in Oulu (22 percent) and Uusimaa (23 percent).

So far, 25.3 percent of eligible women and 23.4 percent of men have voted.

First postal votes in a parliamentary election

Tuesday is the final day of early voting in Finland. Citizens can vote in advance at any polling station in Finland.

On Election Day, next Sunday, 2 April, voters can only cast a ballot at their own local polling station, as specified in a document mailed to all eligible voters.

Advance voting for Finns abroad ended on Saturday with just 1.2 percent of eligible voters casting a ballot at embassies or a few other locations. However, for the first time Finns living outside the country can cast absentee ballots by mail in a parliamentary election. Postal voting has been allowed since early 2019.

18.27: Figures updated.

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