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Finland, Sweden jointly stock up on firearms from Finnish firm Sako

The arrangement enables the Nordic countries' militaries to train together while using the same types of weapons and ammunition.

Maastopukuinen mies tähtää kiväärillä.
A member of the Finnish Defence Forces takes aim with a Sako rifle, file photo. Image: Puolustusvoimat / Aleksi Heinonen
Yle News,

Finland and Sweden are jointly replenishing their respective militaries' firearms stockpiles from Finnish gun manufacturer Sako, according to the firm.

The defence forces of both countries signed a framework agreement about the matter with Sako on Monday, the company said.

The arrangement will be valid for the next ten years and then can be extended by three seven-year option periods until 2053, according to the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF).

The FDF said the two countries will try to make their procurements simultaneously to achieve volume price benefits.

Finland mainly ordered assault rifles and personal protective gear valued at around 700,000 euros. Meanwhile, Sweden is acquiring similar equipment, but at a value of around 78 million euros.

Last month the FDF announced plans to purchase around 11 million euros worth of sniper rifles and equipment from Sako.

The joint acquisitions from a common firearms supplier will further enable the Nordic countries' militaries to cooperate, while using the same types of weapons and ammunition, Sako explained.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) said the deal includes purchases of automatic carbines in calibre 5.56x45, automatic carbines in calibre 7.62x51, sniper rifles in calibre 7.62x51 and sniper rifles in calibre 8.6 Lapua Magnum.

"The fact that Sweden and Finland [signed] an agreement with the same supplier for the same weapon system increases the possibilities for cooperation regarding use, training, development and ammunition procurement. The choice of a Finnish supplier provides security when it comes to the long-term supply of firearms," Jonas Lotsne, FMV's head of army equipment, said in a press release issued on Monday.

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