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Finland sends Ukrainian families 1,000 baby boxes

Finland's baby boxes offer a selection of products useful for parents welcoming newborns.

Äitiyspakkas 2022
Finland's baby box tradition dates back to the 1930s. Image: Janne Lindroos / Yle
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Finland has sent a total of one thousand maternity kits to Ukraine since the beginning of 2023, to support mothers and newborns in the war-torn country.

"Children are being born into very difficult circumstances in the middle of a war in Ukraine. There is a shortage of almost everything. Russia's aim is to destroy the future of new generations of Ukrainians. By sending maternity kits, we want to support newborn children and their families. The future of Ukraine rests on its children," Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen said of the decision.

The ministry said in a press release that Ukraine is in great need of all kinds of material assistance and children are being raised in very difficult conditions across the country.

The maternity kits were purchased by the Interior Ministry from social benefits Kela and delivered via the EU Civil Protection mechanism.

Finland's trademark 'baby box' is designed to give all children an equal start in life and is gifted to all expectant mothers in the country.

It is a package of clothes, toys, and other baby products. The cardboard packaging together with the gifted mattress and bedding can also function as a bed.

Finland has also sent other types of material assistance to Ukraine to support children's learning, such as educational materials, sporting equipment and school buses, according to the release.

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