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"Errors and quality problems" in 9% of Migri's negative permit extension decisions

The Finnish Immigration Service Migri regularly surveys the legality of decisions it makes.

Migrationsverkets dörr i Reso.
Image: Yle/Lotta Sundström
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An internal audit of the Finnish Immigration Service Migri found there were procedural errors and quality problems detected in nine percent of negative decisions about extended residence permits made by the agency last year.

In a press release on Tuesday, Migri said "we are taking these findings seriously," adding that the agency has contacted the clients whose negative decisions will be reconsidered.

In order to assess the legality of Migri's permit extension decisions, the agency examined a sample of 176 decisions made in 2022, accounting for around 13 percent of all negative decisions made that year.

Migri said it has an established legality control plan and regularly checks the legality of decisions it makes, noting that more inspections are carried out on an individual basis if needed.

The agency will not amend decisions in which clients were granted residence permits on other grounds, the release stated.

"Most of the procedural errors that were found were related to the duty to ensure that a matter is sufficiently examined or to the duty to hear the views of the customer and his or her family members. In addition to procedural errors, quality problems were detected in the decisions that were inspected," Migri said, adding that the quality issues were related to things including "the assessment of family unity and the best interests of the child."

"The number of decisions returned to us by administrative courts due to procedural errors or errors in the interpretation of law is regularly monitored. We also assess whether the returned decisions should lead to changes in our procedures or in the way we apply the law," it said in release.

Migri advised customers that feel the agency has made a wrong decision to take the matter to an administrative court and apply to appeal it.

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