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Poll: Illegal streaming on the rise in Nordic countries

A new survey finds that nearly half of 15-24 year olds have engaged in some form of content piracy.

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Fingers on a laptop keyboard. Image: Jorma Vihtonen / Yle
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The number of people watching films and series from unauthorised sources has risen sharply in the Nordic countries over the past year, according to an annual survey by Swedish company Mediavision AB.

An estimated 17 percent of people in Finland aged 15-74 years old said that they download or stream films and TV programmes from unauthorised sources. Content piracy in the Nordic countries has increased in particular amongst the 15-24 year old age group over the past year.

In Finland, it is estimated that up to 46 percent of this age group has engaged in content piracy, up from 27 percent the previous year.

The survey looks at the downloading and streaming of films and TV programmes from illegal sources by Finns, Swedes, Norwegians and Danes.

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