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Finnish institute picks 'Käärijä-green' as word of the month

The month of May was defined by the bright green-clad Käärijä and the Eurovision fever he brought to the country, according to the language institute.

Käärijä in his iconic colour with the Australian representatives to Eurovision.
Käärijä (on right) in his iconic green colour alongside Eurovision colleagues from Australia. Image: Mikke Pöyhönen
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May's word of the month in Finland is 'Käärijä-green' (Käärijänvihreä in Finnish), the Institute for the Languages of Finland (Kotus) announced on Thursday.

That particular word was chosen after Finland's Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) runner-up, Jere Pöyhönen, better known by his stage name Käärijä, helped bring colour to spring, according to the institute.

During the lead up to ESC earlier in May, Finland experienced somewhat of a Käärijä fever, with the iconic neon green on display all over the country.

Kotus noted that Käärijä's bright green bolero costume inspired many to express their support in imaginative ways. Soon, the colour, dubbed 'Käärijä-green', took over the streets and social media.

Käärijä placed second in this year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song Cha Cha Cha. However, Käärijä beat Sweden's Loreen in the contest's public vote.

Käärijä's first concert after Eurovision, streamed by Yle.

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