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Coalition talks falter as SPP refuses migration positions

The Swedish People's Party (SPP) on Saturday said it could not move forward with migration positions approved by the other three parties aiming to form a new government.

Anna-Maja Henriksson.
Swedish People's Party chair Anna-Maja Henriksson speaking at party offices on Saturday 27 May 2023. Image: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva
Yle News

Swedish People's Party chair Anna-Maja Henriksson on Saturday afternoon said her party would not approve migration positions accepted by the three other parties aiming to form a new Finnish government.

According to Henriksson, the SPP felt that the negotiations on immigration were left unfinished.

Over the past few days government formation talks have centred on the most divisive issues—migration and climate policy. Henriksson, however, said her party could move forward on climate positions accepted by the National Coalition Party, the Finns Party and the Christian Democrats.

Earlier on Saturday, Riikka Purra, head of the nationalist Finns Party, said current coalition talks would collapse if the Swedish People's Party does not accept the position papers on migration and climate approved by the other three parties on Friday.

The SPP is now proposing changes to immigration-related positions, whereas the Finns Party has said that negotiations on migration have already been concluded.

Yle has learned that one of the sticking points on immigration is how high the required minimum monthly gross income should be for work-based immigrants from outside the EU. In most cases, this is now 1,331 euros per month.

The chairs of the four negotiating parties are set to meet at the House of Estates in Helsinki later on Saturday.

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