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Supreme Court: Most of Anneli Auer case materials to remain sealed

The nearly two-decade old murder mystery remains one of Finland's highest-profile legal cases in recent history.

Anneli Auer looking into camera in a file photo from 2016.
File photo of Anneli Auer in 2016. Image: Jarno Kuusinen / AOP
Yle News,

Finland's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the contents of Anneli Auer's sentence annulment application will remain mostly sealed.

Auer first came to public prominence when she became a suspect after her husband, psychologist Jukka S. Lahti, was killed at their family home in Ulvila in December 2006.

After years of twists and turns in what has been dubbed Finland's 'crime of the century', the Court of Appeal found Auer not guilty of murder in 2015 following two separate convictions.

Separate to the murder trial, lurid tales of satanic sexual abuse were told by three of her four children, and Auer and her then-boyfriend were convicted on those charges.

Her children have since stated that they want to retract their testimony, and Auer has sought to have that conviction annulled.

This led to the Supreme Court's ruling on Tuesday that Auer and her ex-boyfriend's applications to have their sexual and violent crime convictions annulled should remain sealed.

Evidence and testimony that was kept secret in the past will continue to remain confidential for the time being, the court said. New material, on the other hand, will be made partly available to the public.

The Supreme Court added that the confidentiality orders of previous judgments by lower courts can only be considered as the high court considers the annulment of earlier rulings.

In their conviction annulment applications, Auer and her former boyfriend have asked that all related documents would be made public.

Yle News' All Points North podcast examined the Ulvila homicide in March.

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