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Western Lapland chilled by Finland's coldest-ever June temperature

The municipality of Enontekiö in Finnish Lapland started summer with sub-zero temperatures.

A red wooden cabin located on the beach of the Kilpijärvi Lake with Saanantunturi hill in the background.
The municipality of Enontekiö is located in western Lapland and borders with both Sweden and Norway. Image: Annu Passoja / Yle
Yle News

A weather station near Lapland's Saana fell recorded a chilling -7.7 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

Saana fell is in the municipality of Enontekiö, in western Lapland.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute said on Twitter that this is the coldest reading ever recorded in Finland in the month of June.

The last time northern Lapland saw a reading as low as -7.0 degrees in the first month of the summer was on 3 June 1962, in the municipality of Inari.

Lapland has recorded "unseasonably cold" temperatures in recent days, according to Yle meteorologists, with some areas even seeing snowfall.

The rain clouds are expected to move south from Friday however, leaving Lapland with sunnier conditions over the weekend.

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