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Finland's cold snap cools swimming water temperatures

At least there's no ice, said an Yle meteorologist.

A changing hut located on the beach with a swimming pier.
A changing hut located on the beach with a swimming pier. Image: Leo Gammals / Yle
Yle News

With the end of the school year and beginning of summer holidays, many across Finland may fancy a dip in the sea or one of the country's thousands of lakes.

Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen said swimmers faced an icy shock, on account of the cold air and surface water temperatures.

According to the Finnish Environment Institute's (Syke) measuring stations, about half of Finland's surface water area is still below 10 degrees Celsius, roughly 4-5 degrees colder from typical tempereatues.

"And we are not expecting the waters to warm up any time soon. As a consolation, there is no more ice formation," Huutonen said.

According to Huutonen, the cold snap that has hung over Finland will shift eastward as a warm front begins to flow in, albeit slowly, from the west. By mid-week next week, southern areas of Finland may already be getting a taste of summer weather.

"As the colder-than-normal weather will hold Finland in its grip for a while longer, you should also be prepared for frosts all the way to the very south of Finland," Huutonen warned.

However, Huutonen said that air temperatures will feel quite warm in the south as the mercury rises from around 14 degrees to nearly 20 degrees in some areas of southern Finland.

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