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Yle poll: Possible coalition parties still polling well

Pollsters say support numbers could change when the next government's programme is published.

Graafi näyttää viimeisimmän puoluekannatusmittauksen tulokset.
Image: Nanna Särkkä / Yle
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Nearly all the parties engaged in talks about forming the next government have increased their support, according to the latest Yle poll.

Petteri Orpo's National Coalition Party, which led April's parliamentary election, polled at 22.5 percent in the latest survey, a whole percentage point up on their figure in the previous poll.

The Finns Party is on 21 percent, an increase of 0.4 of a percentage point since the last poll. The Swedish People's Party also increased their support while the Christian Democrats saw a slight dip.

They are the only party involved in coalition-formation talks that saw their support numbers fall.

Numbers could soon change

Tuomo Turja, the research director at pollster Taloustutkimus, says that the overall picture is quite similar to that seen in the parliamentary elections in April.

This is to be expected, according to Turja, as coalition formation talks are still in process.

Once the new government's intentions are known, and the details in their government programme are published, the numbers could change.

"The next government will be forced to make difficult decisions that won't necessarily look good to many groups," said Turja. "It could be that this could start to liven up, once it is known what kind of government programme is coming and what kind of impact it will have on people's lives."

Changes could happen quickly at that point. In 2019 the largest opposition party, the Finns Party, continued to increase its support after the election and overtook the prime ministerial party, the Social Democrats, in May.

The SDP's support fell to around 13 percent by the end of that year, from 17.7 percent in the election, and the government was plunged into a crisis.

In this poll the SDP is on 19.6 percent, the third of the large parties, with the Centre on 9.7 percent, the Left Alliance on 7.5 percent and the Greens at 7.3 percent.

Movement Now polled 1.7 percent.

Taloustutkimus asked 2,776 people their political opinion between 3 May and 6 June this year. 2,123 gave their party allegiance, and the margin of error is +/- 1.8 percentage points.

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