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Summer weather arrives on Sunday

After weeks of cooler-than-usual weather, temperatures could approach 30 degrees Celsius next week.

A child stands on climbing equipment.
Proper beach weather may be in store for Finland next week. Image: Susanna Pesonen / Yle
Yle News

Warm weather and clear skies will arrive from the west in Finland on Sunday afternoon.

According to Yle meteorologist Laura Tuomola, there is even a threat that a heatwave will impact Finland's western region of Ostrobothnia on Sunday. The heat will become more intense from Monday onwards, with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, especially in inland areas from the south to central areas of Finland.

"I wouldn't dare say it will be warm enough for more than a week, but at least for now," said Tuomola, who, like all meteorologists, was cautious about long-term predictions.

High pressure has intensified in the west and in Sweden, a heat wave is already hitting hard, the same system that is expected to hit Finland on Sunday.

According to Tuomola, temperatures in some parts of Finland could also approach 30 degrees next week.

By the end of the week, summer will have arrived across almost all of Finland.

The coming nights will remain cool, partly due to light winds. Early Saturday morning, temperatures may drop to around zero around Turku in the southwest. Further north, there may still be night frosts.

Sunday night will still be quite chilly, but Monday will be much warmer as the high-pressure system encompasses Finland.

Rain will only occur in northern Finland for the next few days, barring any unexpected turns in the air currents. Winds are expected to be mild.

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