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Sanna Marin: Unreasonable that my private life is still in the news

Former Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) reiterated her request that the media stop reporting on her private life.

Sanna Marin.
Sanna Marin has once again asked for the media to refrain from reporting on her personal life. Image: Silja Viitala / Yle
Yle News

MP Sanna Marin, leader of the main opposition Social Democratic Party has repeatedly asked on Twitter for the media to stop covering her private life. She served as prime minister from December 2019 until 20 June.

In recent days, several Finnish media outlets have reported on issues related to Marin's private life.

"My private life has no social significance whatsoever and it is unreasonable that it is still being reported on," Marin wrote.

She also noted that she herself has not publicly raised her personal issues.

"I have not raised my private matters. Will you please stop?," Marin wrote, addressing the media.

Researcher: "Politicians' private lives are secondary to democracy"

Marin has previously criticised the media for reporting on her. Marin has also said in interviews that she wishes the news would focus on her work rather than her persona.

In June, Marin said that the coverage of her private life during her time as prime minister had felt "excessive and totally out of proportion".

University researcher Emilia Palonen told Yle at the time that politicians' private lives are secondary to democracy.

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