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Finland may see first snow on Wednesday

An abrupt change in the weather is in store by midweek.

Pelto auringonnousun aikaan.
Is summer-like autumn weather ending this week? Image: Anne-Pauliina Rytkönen / Yle
Yle News

It's a sunny start to the week in Finland, but meteorologists are warning of an abrupt change in the weather.

Monday is still mild with daytime temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius in southern and central parts of the country.

Finland can, however, expect a turnaround in the weather by midweek, as a storm is set to hit the country on Wednesday.

"This week may be the first taste of the coming winter," said Yle meteorologist Elias Paakkanen.

On Tuesday, temperatures may reach 20 degrees in some southern and central areas, but at the same time a rain front is expected to arrive from the west, showering the western coast and Lapland.

This rain will spread over much of Finland during Tuesday evening and into the early hours of Wednesday as the low-pressure system strengthens. According to Pakkanen, some of this precipitation may come down as snow in central and northern Lapland.

This means Finland could see the first snow of the season by the middle of September. But the question is whether this first dusting will stay on the ground or not.

During the summer season, the official definition of first snow is that there is at least one centimeter of snow on the ground by 9am.

In any case, Wednesday is expected to bring quite a storm. The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) has issued advance warnings for various parts of the country, including poor driving conditions, strong winds and heavy rainfall.

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