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Finnish tissue maker announces major UK investment

Metsä Group's new mill in Yorkshire will eventually result in some 400 jobs, the Finnish forest giant said.

Talouspaperia ja vessapaperia myynnissä.
File photo of a tissue products aisle in a Finnish supermarket. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle
Yle News

Finnish tissue paper manufacturer Metsä Tissue on Thursday said it would invest hundreds of millions of pounds in a tissue paper mill in Yorkshire.

Metsä Tissue said the town of Goole would be the site of its new tissue mill, employing some 400 people by the time it is completed.

In its press release, the company said the new mill will be the largest of its kind in the UK, producing up to 240,000 tons of tissue paper a year.

Metsä Tissue added that the plant will reduce tissue products imported into the UK and Ireland each year.

Finnish paper products companies have faced difficulties recently. This past summer, Stora Enso said it aimed to lay off more than 1,100 workers in four countries. More recently, the forest products sector said it was looking to focus on more highly processed, higher-value products following timber shortages. Post-Covid paper mill closures have also prompted waves of strikes in recent years. In 2020, then-PM Sanna Marin criticised the closure of a profitable paper mill in Jämsä.

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