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Justice Ministry seeks to strike openly fascist party from register

The ministry wants to overturn its own decision, having agreed to register the Blue-Black Movement as a political party in 2022.

The Blue-Black Movement's logo on a flag.
The Blue-Black Movement registered as a party in June 2022. Image: Hannu Vähämäki / Yle
Yle News

The Ministry of Justice has filed an application to the Supreme Administrative Court for the openly racist and fascist Blue-Black Movement to be removed from Finland's register of official political parties.

The application was submitted on 13 June, as the ministry sought to reverse its own decision to allow the movement to register as a political entity.

If the court approves the ministry's application, the movement would no longer be considered a registered political party, but an association instead.

The Blue-Black Movement was formed in 2021 by former members of the Finns Party, and has taken ethnonationalist positions.

The Ministry of Justice originally considered the party's programme to be anti-democratic and opposed to freedom of expression — and demanded revisions to the programme before they could officially join the party register.

Once the revisions were made, the ministry accepted the movement's application to register as a party in 2022.

Blue-Black Movement candidates ran in April's parliamentary election, but the party garnered just 0.1 percent of the national vote.

The party's colours reference the far-right Lapua Movement, a 1930s organisation headquartered in the Ostrobothnian town of the same name, which attempted a coup d'état in 1932.

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