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Lapland's cool summers new asset, tourism industry says

Lapland's tourism sector says travellers are increasingly looking to stay cool in summer.

Tumma puinen autiotupa kesäisessä metsässä.
Tourists wary of southern Europe's sweltering summers may increasingly look north to escape the heat. Image: Jaakko Posti
Yle News,

Lapland's tourism industry is eyeing international travellers looking to escape the summer heat, the Finnish News Agency (STT) reported on Saturday.

Finnish Lapland has long drawn holidaymakers in winter, but the region is now turning its focus to summer travellers searching for cooler climes.

Several tourism companies in Lapland told STT that they are looking to attract summer visitors as extreme heat on the continent becomes increasingly common.

Last month, however, saw warmer-than-usual temperatures across Finland with Lapland seeing record-high readings, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).

Veli-Matti Hettula, who runs travel promotion in Fell Lapland, said he believed the region's tourism turnover could double if more efforts were made to attract summertime visitors.

He noted that operators in the area were already taking steps in this direction, including efforts to pique central European interest in Finland's northern parts.

In Hettula's view, accommodation was not a bottleneck to growth, but he noted that flight connections could be improved.

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