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All about the UMK23 event

Updated 31.01.2023 10:43.
UMK-prize and information about the tickets of the event.
Image: Miikka Varila/Mika Hokkanen/ Yle

Experience the UMK show and the all-night party at Logomo in Turku on February 25! Tickets for the UMK after party are available.

This article will be updated with the newest information about the UMK23 event.

Tickets for the after party available!

Tickets for the after party at 23-04 (18 yrs) are available at

UMK after party Sat 25.2.2023 at 11 pm-4 am (18 yrs)

UMK Club: DJ Orkidea & DJ Harvest. Live Visuals by VJ Hellstone (Teatro hall)

Viisudisco: Club La Persé, Fiona Timantti (Teatro Bar)

YleX Street

The UMK23 final was sold out in record time!

The UMK23 final was sold out in record time in less than a day! Tickets for the UMK dress rehearsal at 3 to 5 pm and for the UMK after-party from 11 pm to 4 am (K-18) are now available separately at

The UMK dress rehearsal is the same as the evening's live broadcast but the awarding of points and the announcement of the winner will be exercises. The UMK after-party is celebrated at the UMK Club, YleX Street and Viisudisco from 11 pm to 4 am.

UMK dress rehearsal schedule Sat 25 February 2023 from 3 to 5 pm

At 1:30 pm Logomo's doors open

At 2:00 pm Hall doors open

At 2:30 pm The audience must be seated in the hall, the UMK23 dress rehearsal begins

At 3-5 pm the UMK23 dress rehearsal

Please, depart Logomo after the dress rehearsal. You can watch the UMK23 show on Yle TV1 and Yle Areena at 9-11 pm (CET +1).

UMK after-party Sat 25.2.2023 at 11 pm-4 am (K-18)

UMK Club: DJ Orkidea & DJ Harvest. Live Visuals by VJ Hellstone (Teatro hall)

YleX Street

Viisudisco: Club La Persé, Fiona Timantti (Teatro Bar)

IMPORTANT information: You must be in the hall at 2:30 pm. There are seats in the hall, but the audience can stand by their own seats. Wheelchair spaces are located on the upper C-stand. Please note that the €9,90 seats may have an obstructed view due to cameras.

Signs, flags and other cheering props can be brought into the stands. Please always pay attention to the good visibility of your fellow spectators. We reserve the right to remove signs, flags and other props that interfere with the TV broadcast.

At UMK, health and safety is of paramount importance. We follow the health recommendations set by the authorities and Yleisradio. We want to guarantee a safe environment for everyone. We do not accept any form of discrimination, bullying or inappropriate behavior at our event. Please notify the staff at a low threshold if you notice disturbing behavior. There is a harassment contact person at the event.

The UMK23 Event, TURKU, LOGOMO 25 February 2023

The finale of Finland’s biggest music show, UMK - the Contest for New Music, will be held at Logomo in Turku on 25 February 2023. Running all night long, the UMK23 event will showcase a wide-ranging and surprising host of contestants, who will be announced in January.

In February, Turku’s Logomo will be positively buzzing with the excitement that only UMK and Eurovision can offer. UMK - the Contest for New Music will culminate in the finale, which starts with the UMK preparty, followed by a live television broadcast, and an after-party.

During the evening, the audience will be treated to seven spectacular contestant performances as well as world-class opening numbers and intermission acts by top Finnish artists. The after-party will be held in Logomo at the UMK Club, YleX Street, and Viisudisco from 11:00pm to 4:00am. Artists performing at the event include DJ Orkidea, VJ Hellstone and Club La Persé and Fiona Timantti as dj's of Viisudisco. The all-night party kicks off at Viisudisco at 7:00pm.

Tickets for the all-night UMK23 and Eurovision experience are now available at SOLD OUT! The ticket price is €19.90 (possible obstructed view)/ €39.90/ €49.90. All these tickets include the after-party. Tickets for the after-party only are €14.90.

Schedule Sat. 25 February 2023

7:00pm Doors and bar open

7:00pm Viisudisco: dj's Club La Persé, Fiona Timantti (Teatro Bar)

8:00pm Logomo Hall doors open

8:30pm Audience must be in their seats - the UMK23 Show starts

9:00-11:00pm UMK23 live broadcast

11:00-4:00am UMK after-party

UMK Club: DJ Orkidea & DJ Harvest. Live visuals by VJ Hellstone (Teatro Hall)

YleX Street (Logomo Street)

Viisudisco: Club La Persé, Fiona Timantti (Teatro Bar)

UMK23 artists will be announced on 11 January 2023

363 song entries participated in the upcoming contest and the seven finalist artists and songs have now been chosen. This year, choosing the finalists was especially challenging for the jury.

— Expectations for this season are extraordinarily high after last year’s stunning success, says head of the UMK jury and YleX Head of Music Tapio Hakanen.

— The seven finalists include familiar faces and new, up-and-coming talents. We have, among others, the best dance song in UMK history sung by an unbelievably strong new singer, a song that just oozes sexuality by a well-known artist, a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad by one of Finland’s biggest export hopefuls, well-known and up-and-coming bands, and one of the strongest rap bangers in UMK history.

The UMK23 artists will be announced on 11 January. The artists' competing songs will be announced on separate days from 12 January to 20 January 2023.

UMK - Contest for New Music

Yle’s UMK - Contest for New Music is Finland’s biggest music show. The winner of UMK goes from an audience of millions in Finland to performing in front of hundreds of millions of international viewers watching Eurovision Song Contest, the world's biggest music entertainment programme.The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom on behalf of Ukraine in the spring of 2023.

Every song in UMK22 rose to the Top 50 on Finland’s Spotify charts, with the most popular songs taking the top spots of nearly every chart. To date, these songs have racked up over 31 million streams. BESS’s Ram pam pam was the year’s most played song on Finnish radio and the most streamed song online. On YouTube, UMK22-related content has been viewed over 6.5 million times, with many videos hitting the most-trending lists soon after their release. UMK is also attracting interest abroad: over a third of the views on YouTube were outside of Finland.