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Welcome to Yle – get to know more about us!

Yle is a public service broadcasting company and the most diverse community of creative work in Finland. Here we will tell you more about how Yle works and how we serve all the Finns.


Yle in English

This is Yle

Finland's national public service broadcasting company

Yle (Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company) is Finland's national public service broadcasting company. What do we do and why?

Yle's strategy

Yle strengthens the Finnish society and culture.

Yle strengthens the Finnish society and culture.

Contact Us

Yle international contact information in one page.

Do you need more information about Yle? Read here whom to contact.

For media

Get to know our brand and logo, get in touch with us or sell and buy programmes.

Yle's customer relationships

How did we react the audience on television and radio?

Yle reached every individual in Finland, with the Presidential Independence Day Reception and municipal elections attracting large audiences.

Our principles

Yle's Code of Conduct

Guidelines for everyone who works or operates for Yle.

Guidelines for everyone who works or operates for Yle. The Code of Conduct crystallises the principles with which we will achieve and retain reliability and independence and will appreciate people.

Yle partnership commitment

Get to know the principles of Yle’s partnerships.

Yle only cooperates with parties that commit to adhering to Yle’s values and Code of Conduct. By approving this commitment agreement, our partner agrees to follow them in its activities.

Tenders for Yle in a nutshell

Get to know Yle’s policies in procurements.

Any procurement of supplies or services by Yle are subject to Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts and other procurement related laws and regulations.

Content and services

  • Yle Areena -logo.
    Yle Areena -logo. yle areena logo
  • yle uutisten logo
    yle uutisten logo kanavalogot
  • yle urheilun logo
    yle urheilun logo yle urheilu
  • yle elävän arkiston logo
    yle elävän arkiston logo yle elävä arkisto
  • Yle TV1:n kanavalogo
    Yle TV1:n kanavalogo kanavalogot
  • Yle TV2:n kanavalogo
    Yle TV2:n kanavalogo kanavalogot
  • Yle Fem kanavalogo
    Yle Fem kanavalogo kanavalogo
  • Yle Teeman kanavalogo
    Yle Teeman kanavalogo kanavalogot
  • svenska yle
    svenska yle svenska yle
  • Yle oppiminen
    Yle oppiminen yle oppiminen
  • yle radio 1:n kanavalogo
    yle radio 1:n kanavalogo kanavalogot
  • yle radio suomen kanavalogo
    yle radio suomen kanavalogo kanavalogot
  • Yle Puheen kanavalogo
    Yle Puheen kanavalogo kanavalogot
  • Ylex:n kanavalogo
    Ylex:n kanavalogo kanavalogot
  • Yle Vegan logo
    Yle Vegan logo Yle Vega,logot,Kanavalogo,kanavalogot
  • yle x3m:n logo
    yle x3m:n logo Yle X3M,kanavalogot

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By phone

Yle switchboard: +358 9 14801

By mail

P.O. Box 76, 00024 Yleisradio