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Welcome to Yle's company pages!

On these pages you can find more info about Yle's unique mission as a public service producer. You can also find our contact info, our annual reports, our strategy and other current info.

Recently published

Käärijä står, iklädd ljusgröna kläder, i en boxningsring, och ser in i kamerna. Det är mörkt i bakgrunden.

Käärijä’s first concert after the Eurovision Song Contest will be streamed live worldwide

Käärijä's return to the stage is streamed on Yle Areena on Saturday.

Tytöt pelaamassa koripalloa aurinkoisena päivänä

Yle’s finances remained in balance in 2022

In 2022, Yle’s costs were increased by escalating levels of inflation, rising interest rates and the energy crisis.

Keski-ikäinen nainen kuuntelee audiosisältöjä Yle Areenasta samalla kun kasaa palapeliä pöydän ääressä.

Improved predictability and monitoring of Yle’s audio content offering

Yesterday, on 28 March, the Yle Administrative Council discussed the company’s plan for implementing the decision on the prior evaluation of audio content to be published online.

Kuvassa näkyvät monikielisten vaalikeskusteluiden juontajat. Kuvassa seisovat vasemmalta oikealle Esraa Ismaeel, Wali Hashi, Levan Tvaltvadze, Zena Iovino sekä Tuukka Lukinmaa.

Yle’s election offering is for everyone – multilingual election discussions reach a wider audience of Finns

Yle’s mission is to serve all Finns equally, which is why Yle is paying special attention to the accessibility of its parliamentary election offering. This year, in addition to Finnish and Swedish, Yle will arrange election discussions in 4 more languages.

RSO:n ylikapellimestari Nicholas Collon

Nicholas Collon to continue as Chief Conductor of the FRSO until 2028

Chief Conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (FRSO) since autumn 2021, Nicholas Collon is to continue his term until summer 2028. The aim of the new contract beginning in autumn 2024 is sustained collaboration.

Keski-ikäinen nainen kuuntelee audiosisältöjä Yle Areenasta samalla kun kasaa palapeliä pöydän ääressä.

Yle's Administrative Council: audio content on the Internet is an essential part of the public service

Yle's Administrative Council announced on 13 December the decision of the public value test on the Yle audio content offered on the Internet.

Älypuhelin pöydällä, näytöllä näkymä Yle Areenasta. Pöydällä myös nappikuulokkeet ja palapelin palaisa,

Yle's Administrative Council launches a Public Value Test on the audio content offered by Yle on the Internet

The Public Value Test does not cover the live distribution of radio channels on Yle Areena or on other Yle's own Internet services.

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Yle's Annual Report 2022 (PDF)

Get to know Yle's year 2022.

Yle's year 2022

Our year online.

What is Yle's public service?

What is a public service and why do public service broadcasters exist?