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Accessibility in Yle's services

We pay particular attention to the accessibility of our contents and services.

These symbols indicate what types of accessibility-improving services are available in connection with our content. You may also see some of these symbols at the beginning of Yle’s TV programmes.

Symbolic image of a speaker.


Some of our programmes offer a variety of audio and language options.

Symbolic image of a speaker, below which the text Suomi AD.

Audio description

In audio description, visual information is described to you verbally.

Symbolic image of a screen with a subtitling row.


Almost all our programmes offer a variety of subtitling options for you to choose from.

Symbolic image of a speech bubble with a row of subtitling.

Subtitles in Areena

In Yle Areena, you can turn on subtitles by selecting the speech bubble icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can also reduce your playback speed to 0.75 when using Areena in your browser.

Symbolic image of a screen with subtitles and sound waves rising upwards.

Audio subtitling

When you select audio subtitling, the translated subtitles displayed on the screen are read out loud as synthetic speech.

Symbolic image of a square, with the text Selko inside.

Plain language

In plain language news, each topic is communicated to you in easily understandable Finnish or Swedish.

Symbolic image of two hands that sign.

Sign-language content

You can browse our sign-language content on your TV and online.