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We are here for all Finns

Yle is the public service media company of all Finns. We help to understand the world better, provide information and experiences, entertainment and education.

Our programming is available to all on equal terms, regardless of the financial standing or place of residence. This is our primary duty and the mutual goal for all of our employees. We reach 96% of the population weekly.

Yle is seen, heard and felt

Yle creates the most popular online, television and radio content in Finland. We bring shared experiences to every home in Finland like news, major sport events, drama, factual programs, entertainment and safe content for children.

We are proud to be a part of people’s lives all year round.

Yle <3 the Finns

The best part of the job is meeting and interacting with people; it inspires our work, challenges us to innovate and makes our work worthwhile.

The Finns also seem to like us. Yle is Finland’s most valued media brand, and Yle Areena is the most valued online brand. Ninety-two per cent of people think that we have been successful in our public service mission. However, we want to do even better.

Yleläisiä Ylen lähetystiloissa
Yleläisiä Ylen lähetystiloissa Picture by: Ilmari Fabritius / Yle Yle,televisio-ohjelmat,tv-lähetykset
Ylen toimittajia Yle Uutisten toimituksessa
Ylen toimittajia Yle Uutisten toimituksessa toimittajat,Yle,Yle Uutiset,yleläisiä
Kaksi Yle ulkotuotantojen naista virittävätä kameraa
Kaksi Yle ulkotuotantojen naista virittävätä kameraa Picture by: Ilmari Fabritius Yle,kamerat,ulkotuotanto

Finland’s most versatile creative work community

We employ journalists, cameramen, digital developers, as well as a wide range of technology and media professionals. We work and create in several languages.

We aim to be at the centre of events. Therefore, Yle operates in 25 locations across Finland, from Tammisaari to Inari.

With us you can improve your competence

We offer a wide range of job opportunities with excellent insight into the media industry. Our outstanding talents embrace our experimental culture. We encourage agile working methods and flexibility.

We reward meeting the objectives and succeeding. We make sure that our employees cope with their work, and provide healthcare and dental care benefits, sports activities and clubs.

We create new

As a media pioneer, we engage in the transformation of media, both in Finland and internationally. We develop new ways of being present, telling stories and captivate our audience. Our services facilitate media use and smooth out the bumps in everyday life.

We want to be the world's best public service media company!

What will your story be like? Start a career in Yle!

Get to know Yle employees

Sanna, FRSO

Musician Sanna Niemikunnas plays oboe and English horn in the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (FRSO). Sanna enjoys the encouraging atmosphere of her workplace.

In this job, age, gender and home country don't matter. We all have the same objective. We want to play good music in a great way.

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