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For all of us, for each of us

Yle is the public service media company of all Finns. We increase our understanding of each other and the world and strengthen Finnish society and culture.

We are home to a passionate group of professionals, from journalists to coders and clarinet players to engineers. We provide the most versatile media service in Finland via 32 regional editorial offices and on four continents in a reliable and independent manner. We mainly work in Finnish, Swedish and English. Are you the next Yle employee?

Kaksi naista ja mies katselevat taulua. Keskellä oleva nainen näyttää sormellaan jotain taululla.

Yle’s public service is for everyone

Yle’s purpose is unique. Our content and services are available to all Finns, no matter their age, gender, financial status or region. We are the sole media service provider in Finland that offers such a wide-ranging selection of programmes and subscription services that take equality, accessibility and diversity into account.

As a Yle employee, you will be involved in realising our unique task: increasing our understanding of each other and the world and strengthening Finnish society and culture.

Nainen seisoo luurit päässään monitoreiden edessä. Pöydän toisella puolella kaksi vierasta.

We conduct reliable and independent journalism

Our staff includes journalists, cinematographers, graphic designers, correspondents, coders, producers, and heads of departments. We produce multimedia content for the web, television, radio, social media, and Yle Areena.

Yle conducts responsible and reliable journalism that also takes minorities and accessibility into account. Our news services are available in Finnish, Swedish, Sámi, English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Kaksi henkilöä katselee jotain sivussa. Pöydällä erilaisia näppäimistöjä.

We produce culture extensively

Yle’s task is to promote and support Finnish culture. We produce and broadcast sports, entertainment, drama, cultural, scientific, health and political contents as well as programming for children and young people.

The purpose of the internationally renowned Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (FRSO) is to provide and promote Finnish music culture. The orchestra’s chief conductor is Nicholas Collon, who hails from the UK.

Kolme henkilö seisovat kahden kannettavan koneen ympärillä, keltainen viiva.

Software developers and data specialists

Yle’s subscription services reach nearly 4 million Finns every week. Our developers are responsible for Yle Areena, the website, the Yle app, and Yle’s apps for children, and they also provide data services and more personalised service experiences. Yle has a world-class OPS team that makes it easy for us to act as a developer.

Yle has a good dev culture that has been created by our developers. We operate in a community-led manner, and our autonomous teams decides its own working methods, technological choices, and solutions to technical challenges. We take care of our developers’ career development.

We employ professionals from various fields – see our open vacancies here:

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