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Yle's studio and text Working at Yle

What is it like to work for Yle? Get to know us!

A photograph in a blue shirt carries a camera tripod and talks to a journalist in a blue shirt.

Yle – For all of us, for each of us

Yle is the public service media company of all Finns. We increase our understanding of each other and the world and strengthen Finnish society and culture.

Our purpose is unique. Our content and services are available to all Finns, no matter their age, gender, financial status or region. We use both of the country’s two official languages, while also providing content and services to minorities and special groups.

A journalist with a headset on is standing in front of a microphone in a radio studio.

Work with a meaning

We bring shared experiences to every home in Finland, such as news, major sport events, drama, entertainment and content suitable for children. We are proud to be a part of people’s lives all year round.

We are motivated by the meaningful work we are able to do for all people in Finland. The best part of the job is meeting and interacting with people.

People sitting in two sofas in front of a kanban board.

We are Finland’s most versatile creative work community

Yle employs a wide range of media professionals from journalists and digital developers to clarinet artists and engineers – all passionate about their work. Working at Yle means working as a team. We have regional editorial offices in 25 locations around Finland.

We encourage creativity and give room for new ideas. We value the individual – together we can accomplish something better. We foster a culture of continuous learning and provide opportunities for extra training and job rotation.

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