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Ari Meriläinen: News in Latin – created by fluke and lasted thirty years

Yle has created the news in Latin for thirty years.

Mirette Kangas: Come and create new kind of management with us

Creating new and generating value through networks.

Mirette Kangas: Turn your company into the benchmark of the new company culture

Here is Yle’s Lean Culture Toolkit for you to use.

Gunilla Ohls: Yle adapts to fast changing media-usage

Our children, the next generation, are the drivers of change

Anssi Komulainen: Yle Beta is an incubator for future media experiences

Yle is inviting you on a quest for something new.

Jari Lahti: Personal Yle – Public Service Media at its best

Our vision is to offer the best personal user experience.

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