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The Administrative Council

Yle's highest desicion making body is The Administrative Council which has 21 members. The Administrative Council e.g. oversees and supervises that tasks involving public service programme activities are carried out and decides on Yle's strategy.

The Board of Directors

Yle's Board of Directors consists of at least five and at the most eight members. The Board of Directors e.g. elects the company's management and answers for the productivity of the operations.

The CEO and The Management Group

The CEO manages the company based on the Act on Yleisradio Oy and directions and instructions given by The Board of Directors. The Management Group assists the CEO with the management of the company and meeting of the strategic and operative goals.

The Responsible editors

The responsible editors make sure that the law, ethical guidelines and other directions of the company are followed in the production and publication of Yle's content. Their responsibilities and duties are described in the Act on the Exercise of Freedom of Expression in Mass Media.

Yle's units

Yle’s units are Strategy and Audience InsightNews and Current AffairsSports and EventsCreative Content and Media, the Swedish-language unit Svenska Yle and the technology unit Technology and Development.
The departments – Personnel and SecurityCommunications and BrandFinance and Legal – are in charge of the support services.

Annual General Meeting

Yle’s Annual General Meeting covers the matters assigned to the meeting in the articles of association as well as any other topics stated separately in the meeting invitation.

Internal and External monitoring

Internal monitoring ensures that the information concerning the operations is reliable, the company is managed efficiently, resources are used in an efficient and economical manner, and laws, principles and guidelines are complied with.

Operating principles

Yle’s operations are governed by the Act on Yleisradio Oy. Our operations are also based on the ethical guidelines and instructions.

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