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Yle's Administrative Council

Yle's Administrative Council has 21 members. Administrative Council assembles 6–7 times during a calendar year.

Yle's Administrative Council includes representatives from the fields of science, art, education, business and economics, as well as representatives of different social and language groups (The Act on Yleisradio Oy). Yle's personnel have two staff representatives in the Administrative Council. Staff representatives have the right to attend and speak at the meetings, but do not have the right to vote.

Tasks of The Administrative Council

  • Elects and dismisses the company’s Board of Directors and its Chairman and determines the compensation for Board Members
  • Decides on issues concerning considerable restriction or expansion of the activities or significant changes in the organization of the company
  • Oversees and supervises that tasks involving public service programme activities are carried out
  • Submits a report every second year on the implementation of the public service in the past two years to Parliament after having heard the Sami Parliament
  • Decides on Yle's strategy
  • Decides on the economical and operational guidelines
  • Reviews and approves the annual report of the Board of Directors
  • Supervises the administration of the company and issue a statement on the financial statement and the auditors’ report to the Ordinary General Meeting of the shareholders.

Members of The Administrative Council

Yle's Administrative Council was elected on 18th of June 2019.

Administrative Council's Chairman is Arto Satonen.

Staff Representatives

Working Committee