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Yle's Board of Directors

According to the Act on Yleisradio Oy, the Board of Directors consists of at least five and at the most eight members who shall not be members of the Administrative Council or the company’s senior management.

The Board of Directors shall represent sufficient expertise and both Finnish and Swedish-speaking language groups.

Tasks of The Board of Directors

  • Elects and dismisses the company’s Director General and to confirms his or her salary and other terms concerning the office
  • Elects other members of the company’s senior management and confirm their salaries and other terms concerning their office
  • Decides the budget for the following year
  • Summons the Ordinary General Meeting and prepares the items of the agenda
  • Submits an annual report of the company’s operations to the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

Members of the Board of Directors

Thomas Wilhelmssonin potretti
Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chairman of the Board

Doctor of Law
Born: 1949
Chairman of the Board since 2015.

CV (pdf)

Katri Viippolan potretti
Katri Viippola, Senior Vice President

HR, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, Varma
Born: 1976
Member of the board since 2019.

CV (pdf)

Ylen hallituksen jäsen Paulina Ahokas.
Paulina Ahokas

CEO, Tampere Hall Ltd
Born: 1972
Member of the board since 2018.

Short bio (pdf)

Ylen hallituksen jäsen Kai Huotari.
Kai Huotari

CEO, Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo
Born: 1972
Member of the board since 2018.

CV (pdf)
Short bio

Lauri Kontro, Ylen hallituksen jäsen
Lauri Kontro

Senior adviser
Born: 1953
Member of the board since 2017.

CV (pdf)

Pauliina Mäkelä, Ylen hallituksen jäsen
Pauliina Mäkelä

CEO, Kinda Oy
Born: 1971
Member of the board since 2017.


Sirpa Ojala hymyilee kuvassa.
Sirpa Ojala

Senior Advisor
Born: 1963
Member of the board since 2020.

Arto Niemisen potretti
Arto Nieminen, Yle's Staff Representative