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Yle's CEO and The Management Group

Yle's organisation 2019
Yle's organisation 2019 organisaatio,Yle,organisaatiokaavio

Organisation and The Management Group

Yle is governed by its Administrative Council, Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. The Management Group is responsible for operative management.

Yle's units are Media, News and Current Affairs, Sports and Events, Creative Content, Svenska Yle and Technology and Development. The joint operations consist of Personnel, Strategy and Communications, Finance and Legal.

Merja Ylä-Anttilan potretti.
Merja Ylä-Anttila, CEO

Education: Undergraduate, Political Science, University of Helsinki
Born: 1960
Main position: CEO, 2018–
Member of the Management Group since 2018.

Key work experience: CEO of Mediahub Helsinki Oy 2015–2018, Head of News and Current Affairs of MTV Oy 2001–2018, Deputy of CEO of MTV Oy 2012–2015, Deputy Head of News, News of MTV Oy 1998–2001, Managing Editor of MTV Oy 1996–1998, Political Editor of MTV Oy 1994–1996, Political Reporter of MTV Oy 1986–1994, Reporter of MTV Oy 1984–1986
Key positions of trust: Suomen Mentorit, Chairman of the Advisory Board 2018–, Finnish News Agency, STT, member of the Board of Directors 2013–2018; Save the Children Finland, member of the Board of Directors 2011–2018; Bonnier Grand Prize in Journalism, Jury Chairman 2004–2018; Guild of Finnish Editors, Vice Chairman of the Board 2011–2017; Tammi Publishers, member of the Board of Directors 2006–2011; Oy Suomen Uutisradio Ab, member of the Board of Directors 2006–2015.

Ismo Silvon potretti.
Ismo Silvo, Director of Media

The Media unit is responsible for the general planning of the Yle programme operations, the profiling of the publication channels, and coordination of content in television, radio, and in The Media unit also manages the marketing, audience research, international programme acquisitions and Yle's archive.

Education: Doctor of Political Sciences
Born: 1958
Main position: Director, Media, 2012–
Member of the Management Group since 2005.

Key work experience in Yle: Chief Operating Officer in 2011–2012; Strategy and Development Director in 2005–2010; Director of Programmes, Yle TV1 and Yle Teema in 2002–2005; Director of Programmes, Yle Teema in 2000–2002; Controller of Strategic Planning in 1997–2000; Executive Director of the European Audiovisual Observatory in 1993–1997; Head of the Research and Development Department in 1990–1993; Head of Training Institute in 1988–1990; Expert in strategic planning in 1985–1988; Audience researcher in 1982–1985.
Key positions of trust: EBU, Eurovision Operations Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors, 2009–2015; National Library of Finland, Member of the Executive Management Team, 2014– present; Communications Centre of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, Committee Member, 2012–2016.

Jouko Jokisen potretti
Jouko Jokinen, Director of the News and Current Affairs

The News and Current Affairs unit is responsible for the Yle news and current affairs content, regional operations, and content development for all media.

Education: Bachelor of Arts
Born: 1959
Main position: Director, News and Current Affairs, 2017–
Member of the Management Group since 2017.

Key work experience: Editor-in-chief of Aamulehti 2010–2017, editor-in-chief and publisher of Satakunnan Kansa 2005–2010, sports, economy and culture journalist, Duty manager of News and Managing Editor in Helsingin Sanomat 1984–2001.

Panu Pokkisen potretti-kuva.
Panu Pokkinen, Director of Sports and Events

The Sports and Events unit is responsible for the producing of sport and other events, sport news and the development of event concepts. The unit is also responsible for the design and production and the planning of production resources.

Education: Master of Social Sciences, University of Tampere
Born: 1976
Main position: Director of Sports and Events 2019–
Member of the Management Group since 2019.

Key work experience: Head of department of Sports and Events at Yleisradio Oy 2/2019–9/2019; Head of department of Yle Sports 2013–2019; Editor in Chief, News at Iltalehti 2010–2013; Managing Editor at Iltalehti 2007–2010; News Editor and Journalist at Ilta-Sanomat 2006–2007.
Key positions of trust: SM-viikko (The Week of Finnish Championships), member of the Management Group 2015–; Kansallinen liikuntafoorumi, member of the Management Group 2013–; TK-tiedotuskilta, Chairman of the Board 2009–2012; Koripalloliitto – Finnish Basketball Association, support for club activities, member of the Management Group 2007–2008; Kadettikunta ry, Kylkirauta magazine, member of the Editorial Board 2005–2009; Koripalloliitto – Finnish Basketball Association, member of the Central Council 2000–2005.

Ville Vilénin potretti.
Ville Vilén, Creative Director

The Creative Content unit includes all content in Finnish, such as factual programmes, science and education, culture, drama, entertainment, popular culture, children, youth, and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Unit is also resposible of international co-productions and partnerships.

Education: Master of Arts in Education
Born: 1963
Main position: Creative Director, Creative Content, 2011–
Member of the Management Group since 2006.

Key work experience: Director of Programming at Yle, Yle Vision (director of Yle's radio strategy and new services; responsible for children's programmes, youth programmes, popular music, popular culture, entertainment) in 2006–2010; Director of Programming, Radio Suomi in 2005–2006; Director of Programming, YleQ in 2004–2005; Director of Programming, YleX in 2003–2005; Head of Music, Radiomafia in 1998–2003; freelance editor, Länsi-Savo in 1995–1998; comprehensive school teacher, Savonlinna in 1991–1992; editor, Radiomafia and Radio Savonmaa in 1990–1998
Key positions of trust: Savonlinna Opera Festival, council member, 2015–present; Nose Day Foundation, member of the Board of Directors, 2012–present; Helsinki Music Centre, member of the Board of Directors, 2011–present; Pori Jazz, member of the Board of Directors, 2008–present

Marit af Björkestenin potrettikuva.
Marit af Björkesten, Director of Svenska Yle

The Swedish Yle unit includes the development of the Swedish language content, as well as the planning and publication of chart and channel profiles for the Swedish language media.

Education: Master of Political Sciences
Born: 1970
Main position: Director, Svenska Yle, 2012–
Member of the Management Group since 2012.

Key work experience: Hufvudstadsbladet associate editor-in-chief and editorial writer in 2009–2012, News editor, culture and arts, in 2003–2009, News producer in 2002–2003, News reporter, editor and sports reporter in 1997–2002; Editor-in-chief, monthly magazine MIX, in 1993–1996
Key positions of trust: Chair of Nordvision, network of the Nordic public service media companies 2016–present; Nordvision fund board member 2013-present; Delegation for Swedish Affairs at the University of Helsinki, member 2010–present.

Janne Yli-äyhön potretti.
Janne Yli-Äyhö, CTO, Technology and Development

The Technology and Development unit is responsible for Yle's technology management, engineering, the premises and the distribution. The unit is also responsible for ICT and the development of technical production and service platforms as well as the operation of the Playout Center.

Education: Master of Sciences in Engineering
Born: 1963
Main position: CTO, Technology and Development 2019–
Member of the Management Group since 2012.

Key work experience: Director of Operations in Yleisradio Oy 2012–2019, TeliaSonera, vice president, strategy and broadband innovations in 2011–2012, senior vice president, product development in 2007–2011, senior vice president, sales and marketing in 2006–2007, senior vice president, consumer service and systems in 2005–2006, senior vice president, products and services in 2002–2005, senior vice president, consumer services in 2002; senior vice president, Sonera Source in 2001–2002; vice president, venture capital operations, Silicon Valley in 1999–2001, vice president, corporate and home solutions in 1998–1999, vice president, domestic call services in 1996–1997, business controller in 1991–1995
Key positions of trust: Cinia Group Oy, member of the Board of Directors, 2017–present, EBU Operations Council, member of the Board of Directors, 2015–present; Yle Pension Fund, member of the Board of Directors, 2014–present; Plattco Oy, member of the Board of Directors, 2013–present; Forum Virium, member of the Board of Directors, Helsinki, 2014–present

Eija Hakakarin potretti.
Eija Hakakari, CHRO

Education: Master of Science in Education, University of Jyväskylä
Born: 1961
Main position: CHRO 2019–
Member of the Management Group since 2019.

Key work experience: SVP, People and Culture at Finnair Oyj 2014–2019; SVP, Human Resources / Printing & Living Division at Stora Enso Oyj 2013–2014; Corporate SVP, Human Resources at Rautaruukki Oyj 2008–2013; Co-founder, Partner, Senior Adviser in China at Virvo Oy 2004–2008; Head of HR at Setec Oy 2000–2004; Head of HR at KPMG Finland 1997–2000; HR Manager, HRD Manager, Sales Manager and Development Director at Finnish Post Oy 1987–1997.
Key positions of trust: Aalto Executive Education Oy, member of Board of Directors 2012–; Palta, member of Labour Market Committee 2015–; Confederation of Finnish Industries, member of Competence and Labour Committee 2017–; member of APDC (Aviation People Development Council) 2015–; World Steel Asssociation, member of Education and Training Committee 2010–2013; Eurofer, member of Social Dialogue Committee 2009–2013; Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, member of Innovation, Environment and Renewal Committee 2009–2013.

Gunilla Ohlsin potretti
Gunilla Ohls, Director Strategy and Communications

Education: Master of Science in Economics, Department of Economics, Hanken School of Economics
Born: 1956
Main position: Director of Strategy and Communications 2019–
Member of the Management Group since 2011.

Key work experience: Director of HR, Communicational and Strategic Functions 2018–2019; Director of Strategy 2011–2017; Director of programmes, Swedish Yle 2006–2010; Director of Programming, Yle FST in 2002–2005; Operational Controller, SVT Nyheter och Sport at Sveriges Television in 2000–2002; Editor-in-chief, Finnish editors, in 1997–2000
Key positions of trust: Yle Pension Fund, deputy member of the Board of Directors, 2013–present; mentor in Diamanten network of women leaders 2016–2017

Maisan Hyrkkäsen potretti.
Maisa Hyrkkänen, CFO

Education: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Born: 1964
Main position: CFO 2019–
Member of the Management Group since 2014.

Key work experience: Director of Financial and Personnel Services in Yleisradio Oy 2018–2019; CFO 2014–2017; Integration manager, strategic projects at Nets Oy in 2013; CFO at Luottokunta in 2003–2013; Head of Business support at Nordea Securities Plc in 2003, Controller in 2000–2003; Controller at eQ Online Corporation Oy in 1999–2000; Vice president, Assistant Vice President and Expert at Nordea Bank Plc in 1988–1999
Key positions of trust: Danske Kiinnitysluottopankki Oyj, member of the Board of Directors 2017–present, Yleisradion eläkesäätiö, member of the Board of Directors 2016–present, Danske Invest Rahastoyhtiö Oy, member of the Board of Directors, 2014–present

Katri Olmon potrettikuva
Katri Olmo, Legal Director

Education: Bachelor of Laws
Born: 1959
Main position: Legal Director 2011–
Member of the Management Group 2011–2017, 2018–

Key work experience: Head of Legal Affairs at Yle in 2006–2010, Head of HR affairs in 2004–2005, legal counsel in 2003–2004, HR legal counsel in 1997–2002, legal counsel in 1991–1997
Key positions of trust: Helsinki Music Centre, member of the Board of Directors, 2011–; Koura, vice-chair of the steering group 2018–