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Joukko eri ikäisiä ihmisiä puutarhassa katselee Yle Areena puhelimen näytöltä.

Yle is brand of the year

Yle’s brand was praised for its strength.

Channel and Service Image Survey key figures

Yle is perceived to be more important and reliable, and more people are using Yle's services extensively

Finns consider Yle to be more important than before.

Yle Kielikoulu service on pad device.

The new Yle Kielikoulu – Yle Språkskolan service helps you learn Finnish and Swedish

Study languages by following genuine media content.

Kaksi naista heiluttamassa kameralle studiossa vihreän taustan edessä.

Yle Mix produces reliable and understandable news journalism for children

Yle's new children's service has started.

Seurue ruokapöydän ääressä puutarhassa katselee Yle Areenaa kännykältä.

Yle is Finland's third highest valued brand and the most valued media brand in 2020

The company improved its position by two places.

Potretit Johanna Tuurista ja Janne Saarisesta

Johanna Tuuri to start as Yle’s Corporate Relations Manager and Janne Saarinen as Yle’s Brand Manager

Tuuri will start on 17 August and Saarinen on 1 September.

Yle's strategy: For all of us, for each of us

New strategy for Yle – For all of us, for each of us

The strategy is being introduced immediately.

The sharing image for Yle's strategy. An illustrated landscape - below it the text in English:  For all of us, for each of us. Yle's Strategy.

For all of us, for each of us – Yle's strategy

Read more about Yle's strategy!

Matkapuhelin kädessä

Yle’s Troll Factory game was chosen as the best digital project to engage young people

Yle Troll Factory won at the European Digital Media Awards.

Uuden Espanjaan sijoittuvan rikosdraaman päärooleissa näyttelevät Riitta Havukainen ja Fran Perea.

Yle’s series The Paradise has become highly popular with nearly two million viewers

The opening episode was watched by nearly 900.000 people.

Potretti Ari Meriläisestä

Ari Meriläinen: News in Latin – created by fluke and lasted thirty years

Yle has created the news in Latin for thirty years.

Mirette Kangas puhuu fläppitaulun edessä käsi fläppitaulua osoittaen. Mies kuvaa esiintymistä tablettitietokoneella.

Mirette Kangas: Come and create new kind of management with us

Creating new and generating value through networks.

Kameramies Ylen studiossa.

Yle enhances its content and human resources management

New names to Yle’s Management Group.

kapellimestari Nicholas Collon johtaa

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra elects Nicholas Collon as its next Chief Conductor

Nicholas Collon will take over in autumn 2021.

kapellimestari Hannu Lintu johtaa Radion sinfoniaorkesteria

Hannu Lintu to leave the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2021

"The years with the FRSO have been rewarding," says Lintu.

Ylen logo turkoosina.

The Supreme Administrative Court: Yle does not have to turn over the Panama Papers to the Tax Administration

Yle has steadfastly defended the freedom of speech.

Yle's privacy statement for processing data of service providers or goods suppliers

The processing data of service providers or goods suppliers

Privacy policy – guests visiting Yle

Get to know Yle's visitor registry

Merja Ylä-Anttila. Tummahiuksinen, silmälasipäinen nainen

Merja Ylä-Anttila: Trust, interaction and understanding the Finns are key to Yle’s future

We want to be a better Yle for you in 2019.

Mirette Kangas polkupyörällä

Mirette Kangas: Turn your company into the benchmark of the new company culture

Here is Yle’s Lean Culture Toolkit for you to use.

#helsinki2018 huipputapaamisen logo

Yle broadcasts the summit of Trump and Putin all over the world

Yle will produce the international feed of the summit

Anne Hyvärilä ja Eija Moisala seisovat kanban-taulun äärellä.

Eija Moisala and Anne Hyvärilä: Better service and understanding of user contexts with new data

With the data, we can develop our online services

Social media guidelines

Yle's social media etiquette

Seurue ruokapöydän ääressä puutarhassa katselee Yle Areenaa kännykältä.

This is Yle

Finland's national public service broadcasting company

Content and services tot. 364.5 milloin in 2017, graph

Yle's financing and the cost structure 2017

Yle is financed by a tax paid by individuals and companies.

En kvinna med långt mörkt hår tar en bild med en mobiltelefon.

Yle, MTV, Elisa, Nokia, ENENSYS, Bittium and Qualcomm Showcase the Future of TV, Paving the Way to 5G Broadcast

5G broadcast enables next-generation TV delivery.

Board of Directors' report and financial statements 2017

Annual financial report.

Merja Ylä-Anttila

Merja Ylä-Anttila appointed CEO of Yle

She will join Yle on 1 September 2018.

Ellinoora, Erin, Laura Närhi ja Haloo Helsinki esiintyvät SuomiLOVEn 4. kauden päätöskonsertissa.

SuomiLOVE to be produced at Mediapolis in Tampere

Popular SuomiLOVE will continue for at least two seasons.

RSO esiintyy Musiikkitalossa

Immersive Media goes Disruptive!

Key ingredients of this project are pilots and trials.

Hymyilevä nainen, ruskeahiuksinen ja ruskeasilmäinen nainen puolikuvassa.

Crime in the Costa del Sol: The Paradise will start shooting in 2018

The Paradise is a story about memory.

Yles vd Lauri Kivinen

There will be a change of CEO at Yle

Yle’s Board of Directors starts looking for successor.

Kuvassa Nuntii Latinin, Yle Radio 1:n latinankielisen viikkokatsauksen tekijät Tuomo Pekkanen, Virpi Seppälä-Pekkanen ja Reijo Pitkäranta.

Yle’s Nuntii Latini to continue until spring 2019

Nuntii Latini will continue on Yle Radio 1.

Ville Vilen ja Marit af Björkesten vierekkäin

Ville Vilén & Marit af Björkesten: Protection of sources is an important part of Western democracy, not idle nonsense

Why Yleisradio refuses to hand over the Panama papers?

Sohvaperunat-sarjan Jari ja Sanna.

Visual data to give Yle better understanding of users

Understanding of online users helps Yle to serve the public.

Yle Areenan palvelupäällikkö Kari Haakana

Kari Haakana: The Yle Areena player available to all Finnish residents in EU area 2018

Yle will make its Areena player portable.

Kuvassa Nuntii Latinin, Yle Radio 1:n latinankielisen viikkokatsauksen tekijät Tuomo Pekkanen, Virpi Seppälä-Pekkanen ja Reijo Pitkäranta.

Yle’s Nuntii Latini to be broadcast for the last time in late December

Nuntii Latini has been produced for more than 28 years.

Nuuskamuikkunen ja Muumipeikko istuvat sillalla.

Yle airs new Moominvalley animation series around Christmas 2018

Yle is a co-producer and the first buyer of the series.

Rikossarja Sorjonen, kuvassa vasemmalta oikealle Taina Henttula (Kristiina Halttu), Katia Jaakkola (Lenita Susi), Lena Jaakkola (Anu Sinisalo), Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen), Janina Sorjonen (Olivia Ainali), Pauliina Sorjonen (Matleena Kuusniemi), Niko U

More quality Nordic drama: broadcasters adopt a shared strategy for drama

The aim is to improve e.g. the visibility of Nordic drama.


Audience ombudsman to strengthen Yle’s relationship with the audience

Yle has appointed an audience ombudsman, Sami Koivisto.


Jouko Jokinen appointed director and editor-in-chief of Yle’s news

Jouko Jokinen will take up the position by 1 December 2017.