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Yle Mix produces reliable and understandable news journalism for children

Yle's new children's service has started.

Yle is Finland's third highest valued brand and the most valued media brand in 2020

The company improved its position by two places.

New strategy for Yle – For all of us, for each of us

The strategy is being introduced immediately.

For all of us, for each of us – Yle's strategy

Read more about Yle's strategy!

Yle’s Troll Factory game was chosen as the best digital project to engage young people

Yle Troll Factory won at the European Digital Media Awards.

Yle’s series The Paradise has become highly popular with nearly two million viewers

The opening episode was watched by nearly 900.000 people.

Ari Meriläinen: News in Latin – created by fluke and lasted thirty years

Yle has created the news in Latin for thirty years.

Mirette Kangas: Come and create new kind of management with us

Creating new and generating value through networks.

Yle enhances its content and human resources management

New names to Yle’s Management Group.

Hannu Lintu to leave the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2021

"The years with the FRSO have been rewarding," says Lintu.

Yle's privacy statement for processing data of service providers or goods suppliers

The processing data of service providers or goods suppliers

External requests for removing Yles web content

Yle does not remove published web content.

Privacy policy – guests visiting Yle

Get to know Yle's visitor registry

Privacy policy – events organised by Yle

Get to know our privacy policy for Yle's events.

Responsibility commitment for content procurement

Get to know the principles of Yle’s partnerships.

Tenders for Yle in Brief

Get to know Yle’s policies in procurements.

Mirette Kangas: Turn your company into the benchmark of the new company culture

Here is Yle’s Lean Culture Toolkit for you to use.

Yle broadcasts the summit of Trump and Putin all over the world

Yle will produce the international feed of the summit

Social media guidelines

Yle's social media etiquette

This is Yle

Finland's national public service broadcasting company

Yle's financing and the cost structure 2017

Yle is financed by a tax paid by individuals and companies.

Merja Ylä-Anttila appointed CEO of Yle

She will join Yle on 1 September 2018.

SuomiLOVE to be produced at Mediapolis in Tampere

Popular SuomiLOVE will continue for at least two seasons.

Immersive Media goes Disruptive!

Key ingredients of this project are pilots and trials.

There will be a change of CEO at Yle

Yle’s Board of Directors starts looking for successor.

Yle’s Nuntii Latini to continue until spring 2019

Nuntii Latini will continue on Yle Radio 1.

Visual data to give Yle better understanding of users

Understanding of online users helps Yle to serve the public.

Yle’s Nuntii Latini to be broadcast for the last time in late December

Nuntii Latini has been produced for more than 28 years.

Yle airs new Moominvalley animation series around Christmas 2018

Yle is a co-producer and the first buyer of the series.

More quality Nordic drama: broadcasters adopt a shared strategy for drama

The aim is to improve e.g. the visibility of Nordic drama.

Audience ombudsman to strengthen Yle’s relationship with the audience

Yle has appointed an audience ombudsman, Sami Koivisto.

Jouko Jokinen appointed director and editor-in-chief of Yle’s news

Jouko Jokinen will take up the position by 1 December 2017.

Journalistic content in English

Friends, flexibility and flowers: How to switch off this summer

After telecommuting from home or a holiday cottage, many people may find it hard to switch off for their summer break.

Finns Party leader Halla-aho announces plans to step down

The veteran politician made the unexpected announcement during a party webcast on Monday.

Monday's papers: Vaccinating teens, police break up demo, weather warnings

Helsingin Sanomat looks at who will decide if schoolchildren can be vaccinated, as the capital rolls out coronavirus jabs for teens.

Young swimmers' skills regressed during pandemic, federation says

Swim safety experts say many lessons were lost during the pandemic.

Compensation uncertain for Vastaamo victims

Patients whose files were hacked have yet to receive any compensation.

Finland confirms 46 cases of severe allergic reaction to Covid vaccine

People with a history of significant allergic reactions should consult their doctor before getting the Covid jab.

THL praises Finland's vaccine enthusiasm

Vaccine shipments arriving this month will bring first-dose cover to 80 percent of those eligible for the Covid shot.

Ethiopia slams FM Haavisto for saying Ethiopian leaders vowed to "wipe out ethnic Tigrayans"

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto has served as the EU's special envoy to Ethiopia.

New online tool encourages reporting of hate crimes, incidents in Finland

Organisers say the initiative aims to lower the threshold for reporting incidents motivated by hostility or prejudice.

Watch: Capital climate demo moves to Kruununhaka on Saturday

Demonstrators say they will continue to exercise civil disobedience until the government responds to their demands.

Climate demonstration set to continue into weekend

The climate demonstration that has blocked Helsinki’s main thoroughfare since Thursday continued into a second day.

Tampere stops free tram rides for pram-pushers

Tampere's transport board says people with strollers don't get a free tram ride after all.

Majority of Finland's hospitalised Covid patients unvaccinated, Yle probe finds

Over half of Finland's population has received at least one vaccine dose, while less than 14 percent are fully vaccinated.

Tampere has second cleanest air in European city ranking

Efforts to fight climate change have improved overall air quality over the past 30 years, but many cities still do not meet European standards.

Finland and Estonia start sharing real-time tax data 

The arrangement aims to improve cross-border tax violation investigations.

Parents of school dropouts could face fines, Yle finds

Municipalities told Yle they have no clear guidelines on how to enforce new rules to keep teens in school until they turn 18.

Northbound trains filling up for Midsummer

Train routes between Helsinki, Kajaani, Joensuu and Oulu are the busiest this Midsummer.

Teen faces manslaughter charge over Helsinki Central Station fatal stabbing

Police said a verbal squabble quickly turned violent.

Friday's papers: Green support plummets, climate protest and Finnkino refuses cash

Domestic media outlets explore Green disillusionment, activists blocking roads and a cinema's snack and cash ban.

Finland to loosen border restrictions on Monday

Finland's entry restrictions will be significantly relaxed on Monday.

APN podcast: Winners, losers, bug poison and nipple freedom

This week's All Points North podcast looks at election fallout and the coming summer.

Ex-police officers charged with aggravated perjury in Aarnio drug trial

Prosecutors say two former drug squad officers gave misleading testimony as witnesses in a major drug case involving the unit's former chief, Jari Aarnio.

Stora Enso cuts 550 jobs from Veitsiluoto plant

The redundancies will include 440 workers from the company's paper division and 110 from maintenance company Efora.

NCP chair Petteri Orpo on sick leave until end of July

The leader of one of Finland's main opposition parties was hospitalised on Wednesday after feeling unwell.

THL: Vaccination of 12-15-year-olds in risk groups can begin "as soon as possible"

The health agency also recommended that people work from home if possible during the summer to help keep infection rates low.

"Water is ours" citizens' initiative moves to Parliament

The initiative hopes legislation can be introduced to prevent the privatisation of Finland's water supply.

Niinistö: Russia-US summit unlikely to help Navalny's situation

President Niinistö said he was glad to see Biden and Putin on speaking terms but was underwhelmed about the prospect of real change.

Report: One third of male Iraqi, Iranian asylum seekers report being tortured in home country

Torture trauma can cause mental, physical and social problems, and treatment often requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Thursday's papers: Pizza oven boom, mosquito repellent, week-long heatwave

The press reports on some interesting summer purchases as Finland prepares to bask in temperatures of 30C.

Battery materials plants planned in both Kotka and Hamina

The CEO of the company behind the effort said the projects would create hundreds of jobs in areas around the two cities.

Finnish Euro2020 hopes still alive despite defeat to Russia

Finland play their last group game against Belgium, with their chances of advancing to the knockout stage still in the balance.

Finland likely to lower border restrictions for seaport commuters, STT reports

The Finnish government is scheduled to deal with the matter on Thursday, according to the news agency.

Rapeseed oil prices skyrocket as demand outstrips supply

The global market price of rapeseed has risen by almost 40 percent compared to last year.

Finland's only mental health support centre for asylum seekers faces eviction

The Finnish Red Cross centre in Lahti was told to leave by city officials citing building use permit issues.

Hot weather for Finland from Thursday

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued heat warnings for southern and central areas starting on Friday.

Investigation begins after major fire destroys department store, boat yard

The blaze caused over €1 million worth of damage in the southwestern municipality of Kimitoön.

Second Helsinki police officer sacked for far-right hate speech

The former sergeant was dismissed for bringing the police into disrepute after hate-fuelled messages were revealed.

Wednesday's papers: Sote reform, broadband investigation, MPs debts

Could the long running saga of health and social care reform almost be over? Wednesday's papers follow the latest development.

Retailer Partioaitta pulls Thermacell mosquito repellent

The retailer has requested further information after allegations on social media that the device was harmful to the environment.

Finnish economy set for brief growth spurt after epidemic, central bank says

The central bank's 2021-2023 forecast predicts the economy will grow by 2.9% in 2021 and by three percentage points in 2022.

Committee recommends parliament consider dismissing auditor general

Auditor General Tytti Yli-Viikari was suspended from her position in April pending an investigation into her expenses.

Power cuts, train cancellations as Storm Vieno hits Finland

High winds brought disruption to parts of western and Central Finland on Tuesday, with the stormy weather due to last for most of the day on Tuesday.

Topless 'breast activists' ejected from Tampere public sauna

Staff asked the four women to leave the public sauna because regulations require that female bathers cover the top half of their bodies.

Berry pickers arrive in Finland, but will they be safe from Covid?

One local health expert says nobody is making sure the farms welcoming seasonal workers have infection control plans in place.

Finnkino bans snacks bought elsewhere

The popular cinema chain's customers will have to buy Finnkino's own food instead.

Tuesday's papers: Incoming MP speaks, football fans head to Russia, stormy weather

Who's filling the space left in Parliament by Helsinki's new mayor and how hard is it to get to a football match in Russia?

NCP candidate confirmed as Tampere mayor after dramatic recount

A tiny margin of just 15 votes separated the National Coalition Party and the Social Democratic Party in the city.

Strong winds threaten to restart major wildfire in North Savo

Peat does not easily absorb water, which increases the risk that hot spots could continue to burn below the surface.

Court dismisses charges against teen accused of life endangerment

The incident occurred last summer when a group of teenagers chased a 14-year-old boy until he hid in deep water under a pier.

Eagle-owl hopes soar as Finland prepares to face Russia in St. Petersburg showdown

Finland's victory over Denmark in Copenhagen has significantly increased their chances of advancing to the knock-out stage.