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Slovenian pääministerin vastaus Mot:lle

Second answer from prime minister Jansa’s office to the e-mail of reporter Magnus Berglund. (Slovenian pääministerin kanslian toinen vastaus toimittaja Magnus Berglundin kirjeeseen.)

Za: magnus.berglund@yle.fi
kp: Zadeva:
Re: TV Program, Finland 1.9.2008 at 20.00 Finnish time(Document link: soj.kpv) 01.09.2008 15:05

Dear Mr Berglund,
In addition to the previous answer the Office of the Prime Minister would like to clarify the following:
The accusations stated in your e-mail are completely untrue and absurd. Prime Minister Janez Jansa has never met with anyone from the mentioned company. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has neither directly nor indirectly participated in the selection process after the publication of the international tender. The Office of the Prime Minister attributes the mentioned accusations to the pre-election period in Slovenia, where parliamentary elections will be held on 21 September.

Best regards
Public Relations Office of the Prime Minister
Republic of Slovenia

Toimittaja Berglundin kirje pääministeri Jansalle:

01.09.2008 12:45 Zadeva: TV Program, Finland 1.9.2008 at 20.00 Finnish time

We would like to inform You that the Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE will publish a 30 minute long documentary tonight at 20.00 at the national TV1. The program is a very popular investigating program called MOT. The title of the program tonight is "The Truth about Patria". Finnish Government Company Paid Bribes in Slovenia. In the program we are presenting facts concerning the Prime Minister in Slovenia. Based on documents from inside Patria, the program reveals that bribes have been paid to Prime Minister Jansa, in connection to the Patria AMV-deal. Also his party has received bribes from Patria through agents. We would like to give the Prime Minister the possibility to give a short written comment on the findings of our program. Does he want to comment?

Kind Regards
Magnus Berglund
Business Journalist
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00024 Yleisradio
+358 9 1480 4815
+358 40 593 8036