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Sami KallinenSami Kallinen is Head of Internet Development (Yle Media unit).

The Open Knowledge Festival is an international event focusing on different open movements and practices. These movements have been growing over the past few decades, mostly fueled by the Internet. Some of these movements have been around for years, for example the open source movement. Some of them have gained momentum during the past few years; the open data, open design movement also comes to mind.

The way I see it, openness is a state of mind and mode of operations for sharing your work, ideas, and information and improving them in a network. So it is also a model for large-scale teamwork. There are some fascinating recent examples of phenomena that embrace open ideas; the crowdsourcing of the Islandic constitution employs this idea, and why not? Isn't the whole point of democracies to incorporate open ideas? Today we have the technologies to support old ideas in ways we could not have imagined previously.

Some of these subjects are covered at the OKFest, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The best ideas grow through collisions with other ideas and when people meet to share them. This is perhaps even more important than the subjects covered at the festival and the reason I am looking forward to attending.

The public sector has, from the perspective of organizations in Finland, been the most active in embracing various aspects of Open Knowledge thus far. This is only logical, since the public sector is already accountable to the communities they serve. More and more, however, commercial organizations here and internationally are also realizing that openness is essential to being able to innovate, attract talent, have sustainable organizational culture, and most of all convince the customer to trust them enough to choose your solutions and products.

While public service broadcasters have traditionally not been as active in the field of Open Knowledge as one might expect, the public service idea shares a lot of common ground and values with such movements. That is why I am happy that our organization, Yle, is participating - along with hundreds of enthusiasts and other organizations - in making this festival happen. We are sponsoring two guests to the festival − Farida Vis and Simon Rogers − both renowned for their work in using large amounts of data to help us understand the increasing complex world around us a little better.

Farida is a Research Fellow in the Social Sciences in the Information School at the University of Sheffield, UK, and is recognized for her research. She led the academic team that examined 2.6 million riot tweets, analysing the role Twitter played in the 2011 UK riots, as part of The Guardian newspaper’s Reading the Riots project. Through his work in The Guardian, Simon Rogers has become one of the leading data journalists in the world and recently received the Royal Statistical Society’s award for statistical excellence in journalism.

Well aware that the listing of links below provides perhaps the best ways to present data, we have nonetheless collected some projects and content from The Finnish Broadcasting Corporation, Yle, that we thought somehow presents a thematic connection to the festival; a mix of everything. If you are one of the festivals international attendees be prepared to read a some absurd English translated from Finnish by your local search engine, since much of the material below is in Finnish. We will continue to add more links here as we find them, and if you encounter any, please add them to the comments!

You can find the festival program here: http://okfestival.org/

Transparency & accountability

  • Open Yle blog (in Finnish): http://blogit.yle.fi/avoin-yle
  • Yle Uutiset Suora linja - journalistic process is totally open
  • Usage of Twitter − hashtag #suoralinja
  •  Story ideas are available for comments before the story is published -> yle.fi/suoralinja
  •  Svenska Yle development blog: http://utveckling.ylebloggen.fi/

Open data @ Yle:

(links to data sets)

  • Tele-Text API links and description here. 15.06.2011 (in Finnish): http://blogit.yle.fi/kehitys-kehittyy/ylen-avoin-data-rajapinta-ylen-teksti-tvhen
  • Blog post with about open data @ Yle. 07.11.2011 (in Finnish) http://blogit.yle.fi/kehitys-kehittyy/yle-ja-avoin-data-tapahtunut-tahan-mennessa 
  • Presidential candidate and user viewpoint comparison data and description here (in Finnish)
  • User data 13.01.2012: http://blogit.yle.fi/kehitys-kehittyy/presidentinvaalien-vaalikoneen-kayttajien-vastaukset-avoimena-datana
  • Candidate data 12.12.2011: http://blogit.yle.fi/kehitys-kehittyy/presidentinvaalien-vaalikoneen-tiedot-avoimena-datana
  • Business subsidy data as open data from MOT (in Finnish): "MOT: Yritystukien kanta-asiakkaat": http://ohjelmat.yle.fi/mot/10_9
  • Yle Record library: http://www.fono.fi/ (not open data per se but interface to database)

Data journalism and visalisation @ Yle:

  • Blog posts about data journalism in the CMS, used by Svenska Yle (in Swedish): http://utveckling.ylebloggen.fi/tag/datajournalistik/
  • The Yle Investigative journalism program investigates companies that collect subsidies (in Finnish, MOT: Yritystukien kanta-asiakkaat) http://ohjelmat.yle.fi/mot/10_9
  • The mining industry in Finland (in Finnish, "MOT: Hullut päivät kaivoksilla") http://ohjelmat.yle.fi/mot/27_8
  • This is where the new citizens of the capital region come from! (in Finnish, "Täältä tulevat pääkaupunkiseudun junantuomat") http://yle.fi/uutiset/taalta_tulevat_paakaupunkiseudun_junantuomat/6255307
  • Where the Swedish-speaking Finns live in the Capital region (in Swedish, "Finlandssvenskarna bor på Brändö och i Östersundom") http://svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2012/07/13/finlandssvenskarna-bor-pa-brando-och-i-ostersundom
  • What should the new party leader focus on (In Swedish, "Hjälp Calle!")? http://svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2012/07/06/hjalp-calle
  • Where alcohol is sold (In Swedish and Finnish, Här säljer alkoholdrycker bäst / Näin viina käy kaupaksi - katso oman kuntasi myynti) http://svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2012/06/01/har-saljer-alkoholdrycker-bast
  • http://yle.fi/uutiset/nain_viina_kay_kaupaksi_-_katso_oman_kuntasi_myynti/6161245
  • The social circle of the shooter (In Finnish, "Web-analyytikko: Ampujan Facebook-piiri varsin suppea") http://yle.fi/uutiset/web-analyytikko_ampujan_facebook-piiri_varsin_suppea/6140162
  • The Finns Party and islamofobia (in Finnish, "PerusS ja islamofobia") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2p0itkrVfC0
  • How fast is your broadband (in Finnish, "Kuinka nopea laajakaista oikeasti on”)? http://blogit.yle.fi/rele/kuinka-nopea-laajakaista-oikeasti-on
  • The Nokia wonder (in Finnish, "Nokian ihme - takana loistava tulevaisuus") http://yle.fi/uutiset/nokian_ihme_-_takana_loistaa_tulevaisuus/6182773
  • A-studio: Stream and Twitter-wall (usage of TwitterFontana) http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1630215

Yle and personal blogs:

  • Tuija Aalto's Tuhat Sanaa blog http://tuhatsanaa.net/
  • Teemo Tebest's Datajournalism blog http://datajournalismi.blogspot.com
  • Antti Hirvonen's Storify collection - points about (live) tweeting, curation http://storify.com/anttihirvonen

Open source:

  • Drupal:

- Yle page at Drupal.org http://drupal.org/node/1296538

- Built on Drupal at Yle:

-    Swedish Yle web site: http://svenska.yle.fi

-    YleX: http://ylex.yle.fi/

-    Yle blogs: http://blogit.yle.fi

-    About Yle: http://yle.fi/yleisradio/

-    Musiikki: http://yle.fi/musiikki/

-    Olotila: http://olotila.yle.fi

  •     Published Drupal modules:

-   Onki-Module: http://drupal.org/node/1604784

-   Organic Groups (originally comissioned by Yle): http://drupal.org/project/og

Yle employees on Twitter:

  • Tuija Aalto's list: https://twitter.com/tuija/ylelaisia/members
  • Tweets about Yle personnel & recruitment and in Finnish. https://twitter.com/Yle_Rekry
  • Tweeps at Swedish Yle https://twitter.com/RolfGranqvist/folk-p%C3%A5-svenska-yle


  • Stories about Yle personnel, where we work, and what we like. This is our story.  http://pinterest.com/yleourstory/

Open slide decks (Slide share, Prezi etc):

  • Antti Hirvonen's slide decks: http://www.slideshare.net/anttijohanneshirvonen/
  • Tuija Aalto's decks: http://www.slideshare.net/Tuija
  • Teemo Tebest's presentations about data and journalism (In Finnish):
  • Verkkojournalismi ja data: http://www.slideshare.net/teelmo/verkkojournalismi-ja-data
  • Verkkojournalismi ja data (updated): http://www.slideshare.net/teelmo/verkkojournalismi-ja-data-11937349
  • Data ja journalismi: http://teelmo.info/teelmo/app/seminar-2012-hhhelsinki/hhhelsinki-metadata.html

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