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Denson Paul Pollard

RSO:n bassopasunisti
RSO:n bassopasunisti Picture by: Jukka Lintinen denson paul pollard

Denson Paul Pollard began as bass trombonist with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Fall 2014. Currently, Dr. Pollard is on a leave of absence from his position as bass / tenor trombonist / bass trumpet player with the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra where he has been a member since 2007. Pollard was the bass trombonist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic from 2001-2007.

Pollard has performed with the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Houston Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. His teachers have included Dr. Jim Roberts, Dr. David Gier, George Krem, Charles Vernon and Joeseph Alessi.

Pollard was awarded the Master of Musical Arts degree and the Doctorate of Musical Arts in performance and pedagogy from the University of Iowa, where he served as a teaching assistant in the areas of musicology, jazz and applied trombone. Pollard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in music education from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. Dr. Pollard is on leave of absence from his duties as a member of the brass faculty at Mannes School of Music, Bard College and the Juilliard School. During the summer, Dr. Pollard is a faculty member of the Pacific Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan and artistic director of the SliderAsia Festival in Hong Kong during the summer.

Pollard is a passionate champion of the bass trombone as a solo instrument. He has performed concertos and played solo recitals in various places around the world. Pollard has recorded three solo CDs entitled "Up From Below,” “Point in Time” and “Listening.” He can also be heard on three MET Opera Brass recordings and a recent collaboration CD with James Markey, bass trombonist of the New York Philharmonic, entitled “The Bass Trombonist’s Guide to Orchestral Excerpts. All of Pollard's recordings are available at and . Dr. Pollard is a Buffet Group artist and performs exclusively on Courtois trombones. More information about Denson Paul Pollard can be found at

  • Chief conductor Nicholas Collon

    He begins as Chief Conductor of the FRSO in August.

    British conductor Nicholas Collon is recognized for his elegant conducting style, searching musical intellect and inspirational music-making. He begins as Chief Conductor of the Finnish Radio Symphony in August 2021 - the first non-Finnish conductor ever to hold this post.

  • Autumn concerts of the FRSO to be televised live on the Yle Teema channel

    Karita Mattila and EP Salonen among the season performers.

    The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra begins its autumn season on 4 September under somewhat exceptional circumstances. Audiences are now permitted in the hall again, but to ensure sufficient distancing, only around 400 tickets will be sold.

  • Only chamber music at FRSO concerts until further notice – all broadcast live on Yle channels

    Audiences will not be permitted to attend concerts by FRSO.

    The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra announced on March 12 that it would continue giving concerts in accordance with the spring season schedule. The concerts would be broadcast live on Yle channels but played to an empty hall. Over the weekend, the management nevertheless decided that a 100-player orchestra working in close proximity would constitute a risk to the musicians’ health Instead, the concerts will, until further notice, consist of music for small ensembles broadcast live on Yle Radio 1 and Yle Areena.