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International Programme Acquisitions

Tiikeripoikue savannilla.
Dynasties airs this November on Yle's channels. Tiikeripoikue savannilla. Picture by: BBC NHU Avara luonto,Avara luonto: Eläinmaailman dynastiat

Our task is to find the most suitable programmes for Yle's channels from the international TV-markets. If you have a programme for us, let us know about it!

Yle International Programme Acquisitions
Uutiskatu 5, Box 62
00024 Yleisradio
Helsinki, Finland

Head of International Programme Acquisitions

Tarmo Kivikallio
Tarmo Kivikallio tarmo kivikallio

Tarmo Kivikallio
mobile +358 40 869 1197

Acquisitions Executives

Arto Hyvönen
Arto Hyvönen arto hyvönen

Arto Hyvönen
Documentaries: current affairs, culture, social
mobile +358 40 722 0798

Nina Tuominen
Nina Tuominen nina tuominen

Nina Tuominen
Documentaries: history, science, wildlife
mobile +358 40 530 1030

Katja Karasvaara
Katja Karasvaara katja karasvaara

Katja Karasvaara (on maternity leave)
Popular factual, lifestyle

Maternity leave substitute: Kaisa Herlevi
mobile +358 40 592 0042

Jyrki Nokkonen
Jyrki Nokkonen jyrki nokkonen

Jyrki Nokkonen
Music, comedy, entertainment
mobile +358 40 562 8141

Mari Koivuhovi
Mari Koivuhovi mari koivuhovi

Mari Koivuhovi
Drama (Europe)
mobile +358 40 065 1610

Johanna Salmela
Johanna Salmela johanna salmela

Johanna Salmela
Drama (USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia)
mobile +358 40 730 6040

Johan Förnäs
Johan Förnäs johan förnäs

Johan Förnäs
Drama (Nordic), feature films, arthouse
mobile +358 40 830 7987

Vesa Nykänen
Vesa Nykänen vesa nykänen

Vesa Nykänen
Feature films, mainstream, classics
mobile +358 40 844 2711

Elisa Tynkkynen
Elisa Tynkkynen elisa tynkkynen

Elisa Wessman (on maternity leave)
Young audiences, short programmes

Maternity leave substitute: Eveliina Väyrynen
mobile + 358 40 673 4496

Vicky Schroderus
Vicky Schroderus vicky schroderus

Vicky Schroderus
mobile +358 40 730 2450

Contract Executives

Laura Berglund
mobile +358 503 813 424

Ylen Tiia Mäki, potretti
Ylen Tiia Mäki, potretti Yle,hankinta,tiia mäki

Tiia Mäki
mobile +358 40 710 4970

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