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Yle Sales brings Finnish tv-programs available worldwide

Yle Sales brings a selection of Finnish programmes available for tv-channels and other media services around the world.

Our International Sales catalogue holds more than 100 titles of high quality programmes, such as documentaries, children's programming, lifestyle or Finnish tv-drama. Programmes are presented to international buyers at the main tv-markets around the world.

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Maria Kivinen
Maria Kivinen, Sales Manager
  • tel. 358 40 544 2404

Мария Кивинен
Представитель Yle на международном рынке, в частности в России

  • Конт.тел. 358 40 544 2404
Katriina Mattila, Content Specialist
  • tel. 358 40 733 7066
Ylen markkinoinnin Tuija Snellman.
Tuija Snellman, Business Development Manager
  • tel. 358 40 830 7022
Jukka Kaivolan potretti-kuva
Jukka Kaivola, Head of Sales
  • tel. 358 400 446 881
  • Yle brand, visual image and logos

    Instructions for using the Yle brand and logos

    Detailed instructions for using the Yle brand and logos. You may also download logos through the links.

  • Yle Archive Sales

    Yle Archive Sales offers collection of Finnish content.

    In need of Finnish content? Yle Archive Sales offers a collection of almost half a million TV programmes and films.