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Aihesivun To Nightwish With Love pääkuva

A Film from Fans to Nightwish

Let’s make a Nightwish documentary! Join us!

Nightwishin faneja ympäri maailman.
Nightwish fans around the world. Nightwishin faneja ympäri maailman. Kuva: YLE nightwish

If Nightwish has changed your life, send us a video telling us what the band means to you. Read all instructions, deadline and contact information here! Notice new deadline.

Show us how big of a Nightwish fan you are! What does the music of Nightwish mean to you and how is your fandom expressed? Is there a story connected to it? Tell us what makes you an especially interesting Nightwish fan.

Remember to state your name, age, and home country in the video. The maximum duration of the video is two minutes. About 30 most interesting fans will get to participate in planning and making the documentary!

You can speak English or your own native language.

Filming instructions:

  • Keep your camera or mobile phone in a landscape (horizontal) position. Portrait (vertical) videos are problematic on a TV screen.
  • Check that there is enough light where you are filming.
  • Check that there is no music or loud extra noises where you are filming.
  • Impress us and have fun! Stand out from the crowd!
  • Send us your video or the link to it by email in the address nwfandoc@gmail.com. You can use Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, WeTransfer, Aspera, Google Drive, iCloud or another similar service.
  • In your email, tell us your name, age, home country, the languages you can work in, and a couple of words to describe yourself.

New deadline - we gave you one more week! Do it by 26 October 2015!

The Fellow Imagineers documentary will not come to life without the fans: the whole documentary is filmed with mobile phones and household cameras by you, Nightwish fans. The direction, editing, and post-production will be done by the best professional in Finland.

A unique Nightwish documentary is in the making! Read more!

Nightwishin faneja eri puolilta maailmaa ohjelmasta Fellow Imagineers.
Quess what is their favorite band? Nightwishin faneja eri puolilta maailmaa ohjelmasta Fellow Imagineers. Kuva: YLE nightwish
Join us eri kielillä
Join us eri kielillä Kuva: Yle / Annukka Palmén-Väisänen fellow imagineers
  • To Nightwish: Musiikkivideo

    Nightwish-hitit sovitettiin ja soitettiin fanivideoksi.

    Nightwish-hitit Storytime ja Alpenglow yhdistettiin samaan sovitukseen, jonka bändin fanit soittivat ja lauloivat kukin omassa rauhassaan. Äänitiedostot miksattiin yhteen ja lopputuloksesta ohjattiin musiikkivideo - jossa jokainen jälleen kuvasi oman osuutensa kotimaassaan.

  • To Nightwish: Music Video

    Nightwish hits performed by band of fans around the world.

    The Nightwish fans made an impressive tribute to their idols! Nightwish hits Storytime and Alpenglow performed by fans around the world.

  • The call of Kitee

    Finnish small town Kitee attracts many Nightwish fans

    Finnish small town Kitee attracts many enthusiastic Nightwish fans. The band was born there and they are celebrated every summer by a music camp and festival.

  • Kiteen kutsu

    Nightwishin kotipaikkakunta houkuttaa faneja

    Nightwishin kotipaikkakunnalla järjestetään bändin kunniaksi kesäisin taideviikko, johon osallistuu kymmeniä faneja eri puolilta maailmaa.