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We were here! And here and there and everywhere!

Nightwishin faneja eri puolilta maailmaa ohjelmasta Fellow Imagineers.
Nightwishin faneja eri puolilta maailmaa ohjelmasta Fellow Imagineers. Kuva: YLE nightwish

Music does not ask for passports nor visas. It travels without luggage, it cannot be held back with cultural barriers, different languages, religions or politics.

Music is a powerful peacemaker that can unite people. It can make you reveal your most intimate thoughts with total strangers and still feel safe.
It can make you notice that people with completely different background can suddenly share similar ideas about life, identity and art.
This is the power of fandom.

When To Nightwish with Love started as The Fellow Imagineers Project, we could not imagine how many nationalities will finally participate.

We made the fan project public at the end of September. During two months we contacted Nightwish fans from many countries. And I really mean many, many, many countries.
We weren't surprised to get casting videos from Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Poland, Finland. We knew that the band was popular there.
But Singapore? Well, the band is going there next January, so it can be understood.
But how did they find Nightwish in Taiwan? Vietnam? China?
Did you know that there are fans in Georgia? Kyrgyzstan? Iran?

We have already reached fans from more than 40 countries.
Last night our information was shared by Arab Metalheads, and we got lots of mail from fans who want to participate. Fans from Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.

"The music here had lost every meaning. We sing for love and we don't really know what is it", writes our Syrian Nightwish fan, who feels being the community's black sheep because of the passion for metal music.
I think we can all relate to that, in our own modest way.

Editet July 4, 2016: The name of the documentary dated.

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