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Send us a photo of your Nightwish tattoo!

Do you have Floor, Tuomas or Tarja tattooed on your shoulder? Is your buttocs decorated with Nightwish lyrics? Or has Nightwish otherwise found it’s way under your skin?

Hundreds of fans have already participated to the forthcoming Nightwish documentary. The tattooed fans can participate now by sending a photo of their tattoo here!

You can also email your pic to nwfandoc@gmail.com

Fellow Imagineers is a documentary from the fans to Nightwish. The whole documentary is filmed by fans all over the world.

Nightwish is now nearly 20 years old and more popular than ever. The music of the band takes us to ever deeper adventures, and the adventure of each fan is an individual one.

Fellow Imagineers will not come to life without the fans: the whole documentary is filmed with the fans’ own equipment, mobile phones and cameras by Nightwish fans. The result is a sincere, crazy and intimate documentary and a story about passion and the power of music.

Fellow Imagineers will be published as a full-length documentary film and a web series in the summer 2016.
More information and additional challenges on our Facebook site!

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