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New strategy: Journalism and culture are the main tasks of Yle

Yle's strategy: Among Finns – outlines the company's operations until 2020.

Yle anticipates that television and radio will change significantly in the coming years. Yle is playing a central role in digitising Finnish media. The need to develop the company will be even stronger in the near future.

Room for different kinds of ideas and shared experiences

“Yle is strongly present among Finns, and it wants to be even more so. Yle wants to see the requirements that a public service media has to meet. It is part of Yle’s mission to ensure that the foundation for communication, education and audiovisual culture lasts, even though commercial business models are transforming and international media giants revolutionising the use of media”, says Yle's chief executive officer Lauri Kivinen.

Yle has always changed with time. Throughout the 2000s, the company made its operations more efficient. At the same time, television was digitised, production methods were renewed, and online services including Yle Areena were created.

In the future, Yle Areena online service will be the most important distribution channel for Yle's television content. The company continues to offer traditional television channels for large audiences and shared experiences, even though Yle will make severe changes to television. Yle will move radio online more strongly than at the moment. The possibilities to access news on the go will be developed. In education, the focus will be on content, and a new kind of environment for learning will be created for Finns.

In the future, the main target for Yle is to reach 75 per cent of Finns every day and 95 per cent of the Finnish people every week.

The vision of Yle has also been revised: Yle promises to create scope for different kinds of ideas and shared experiences and to make Finland an even better place to live in.

The value of reliable journalism will increase

In strategy, Yle's main tasks are journalism and culture. In addition, Yle emphasizes the importance of education and sports. All these tasks are extensive. In addition to news and current affairs, journalism also includes, for instance, all kind of factual journalism. “Culture” means music, drama and entertainment, as well as content for children and young adults and special services.

The company wants to emphasize the quality of content instead of its quantity. The value of reliable and high-quality journalism will increase. Furthermore, the need to offer background information on news, issues and phenomena and to illustrate and analyse them will be even bigger.

Yle continues to make culture available to everybody, and children's programmes are still at the heart of Yle's public service task. In education, the aim is to strengthen Finns' new civic skills. Yle takes special responsibility for media education, media competencies and developing media literacy. In sports, Yle tries to secure the visibility of major sporting events on free channels.

Yle is developing the user experience of its online services: online services can be further tailored to suit people's own preferences using the Yle ID. Securing copyrights is the prerequisite for versatile publishing.

Yle's public service duties are stated in the Act on Yleisradio Oy (Finnish Broadcasting Company).

The Board of Directors approved Yle's new strategy on 30 November 2015.

More information:

Lauri Kivinen, CEO, Yle, tel.: + 358 9 1480 5003
Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chairman of Yle's Board of Directors, tel.: +358 2 9412 2206

Yle's strategy for 2016–2020