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Yle's Code of Conduct

Approved by the Board on 17 December 2015

This Code of Conduct applies to all Yle staff members regardless of their job or type of employment. The Code also applies to freelancers and partners. In programme operations, content production and publishing operations, we abide by best journalistic practices as defined in the Guidelines for Journalists approved by the Union of Journalists and interpreted by the Council of Mass Media in Finland, and the Ethical Guidelines for the Production of Programmes and Content (also called OTS).

Yle and Yle staff member operations are guided by values: reliability, independence and showing respect for people. The values are the foundation that Yle staff members and Yle as a company are committed to in everything they do. The Code of Conduct crystallises the principles with which we will achieve and retain reliability and independence and will appreciate people.

Yle in society

  • We respect human rights.
  • We cherish freedom of speech.
  • We operate in a fair, equal way.

Guidelines for Journalists in Finland
Ethical Guidelines for the Production of Programmes and Content (also called OTS)
Social media operations policy (in Finnish)
Children and teenagers at Yle (in Finnish)

Yle as a company

  • Throughout the company, we abide by our policies, operating principles and guidelines, and we bear responsibility for financial administration, internal control, data security and privacy protection.
  • We encourage our employees to flag up any misuse, deficiencies in control and accounting, as well as possible problems, such as suspected bribery, fraud or theft.
  • We promote sustainable development through our actions.
  • We abide by the best practices regarding administration.
  • We do not accept bribery.

Yle’s responsibility as an employer

  • We recruit, provide development opportunities and reward all our employees on the basis of their performance and competence, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, ethnic background, political views or similar.
  • We appreciate our staff and promote a good working culture. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying. We make sure that our staff have healthy and safe working conditions.
  • We abide by collective bargaining agreements and work legislation.

The responsibilities of Yle staff

  • We communicate in an honest and open way. We remember that we represent the company and have an impact on the company’s reputation. Just like in other companies, internal information is kept internal.
  • When we use our civil rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of association, we will, in advance, consider the impact of our actions on Yle’s reputation.
  • We take good care of Yle’s tangible and intangible property.
  • We do not give or receive gifts, payments or other benefits that may have an impact on decision-making by the recipient of the gift. Regarding gifts received by employees, only reasonable catering and hospitality are allowed, so that they do not jeopardise our reliability and independence.
  • We do not use any work-related information or company property to pursue personal interests. We do not favour companies in our ownership or in the ownership of our next of kin when we cooperate on behalf of Yle. If the benefit or contract applies or may apply to our next of kin, we will reassign the case to another Yle staff member.

Cooperation and partnerships

  • We operate in an honest and open way. We only cooperate with partners who operate ethically. We always compete in a fair and professional manner and treat our partners equally.
  • We respect the immaterial rights of others and expect others to respect our rights. We do not disclose trade secrets or other confidential information to outsiders. We protect confidential business information, technology and content.
  • We abide by competition legislation and other competition regulations in all our operations. Our acquisition decisions are based on objective criteria, such as price, quality, delivery capacity and responsibility.
  • Our partners and private individuals are not allowed to engage in bribery on behalf of Yle, and all payments made on our behalf shall be duly registered in our accounting.

Abiding by the Code of Conduct

  • Yle and its staff members are committed to abiding by legislation, official guidelines and regulations applicable to Yle’s operations in daily work and all our operations. We also require that our partners abide by our Code of Conduct.
  • If there is something unclear regarding the guidelines, the primary approach is that the staff member consults his or her supervisor. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. If the violation is severe, it may lead to employment contract termination.
  • Staff members and partners are requested to notify Yle of any violation of the Code of Conduct or other operating principles or legislation. We do not approve of any kind of countermeasures against those who have made such notifications in good faith.
  • Yle executives are responsible for making sure that staff members are aware of the guidelines and abide by them and by other operating principles and guidelines applicable to Yle. The Board approves the Code of Conduct. The Management Group may implement technical updates to the Code.
  • The Code is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and North Sámi on Yle's internal and external communications websites.