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Lauri Kivinen, Yle: Consensus of parliamentary group strengthens Yle's independence

Henkilökuva, Lauri Kivinen katsoo kohti
Henkilökuva, Lauri Kivinen katsoo kohti Picture by: Yle Kuvapalvelu Yle,Lauri Kivinen,Julkisen palvelun yleisradiotoiminta

Lauri Kivinen, CEO of Yle, finds it valuable that unanimous decisions on key solutions concerning Yle have been reached in parliamentary proceedings.

The report of the parliamentary working group which assessed Yle's mission and funding will be handed over to Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications.

“Finns have a right to public service, and Yle is an important social operator in terms of freedom of speech and culture, especially now that we are facing so many changes. The unanimity of the parliamentary group indicates that Yle's mission is considered to be important, Yle is believed in and its independence is to be secured. The working group has been able to form a good understanding of Yle's public service mission, its challenges and the ongoing changes in the media industry,” Kivinen says.

According to the working group headed by Arto Satonen, member of Parliament, the Yle tax will remain in force but it possibly will not be adjusted according to the index during the entire parliamentary term. (2019) The working group also requires that Yle significantly increase its purchases from independent Finnish and European production companies, providers of production services and other members of the creative industry.

“These guidelines seem to reflect the expectations society has towards Yle. An increase in various purchased productions will have significant impact on Yle's own production. At the same time, the company's net income will decrease. These changes will not be easy for us but, now that Parliament has made its decision, we can finally start planning our future. Having fewer funds available will also be reflected in our personnel,” Kivinen says.

“However, what is certain is that Yle will continue to see to the basic pillars of public service in order for democracy, freedom of speech, domestic languages and culture to remain vital,” says Lauri Kivinen.

Yle will immediately begin to assess the impact of individual guidelines so that it will be able to prepare for their entry into force at the beginning of next year.

More information:
Reija Hyvärinen, director of communications, Yle, tel. +358 40 750 2999